Understanding the 11:11:11 Gateway and the Connection of Soul Teams and Missions.

Yesterday I was doing my usual grounding, cleansing, and meditation ritual when I was alerted by one of my elemental guides that my presence was requested in the realms. As soon as I had a spare moment I settled myself and allowed my spirit to go.

I found myself in front of an old childhood tree. It is a glorious huge Oak tree, one that I had spent many days sitting under, talking to and receiving healing from. Now it is my portal into the realms. I entered the tree through a door at the base with my gnome guide leading the way. Normally we go into the underground corridor and continue straight for a distance and then come out into the land of Merlin, Druids, and Dragons. This time, however, we took a sharp right and headed in a different direction. The further we went, the brighter the path became and the more alive it felt. There was this amazing electric quality to it.

Then, in front of me stood this incredibly beautiful golden portal that just drew me into it. I had seen these before, but never here. I turned to my guide and said: “Is that a stargate portal?”  He answered Yes and went onto explain that it is the 11:11 portal.  He told me that I needed to go into it. I expected that once I entered my etheric self would stay there for a while until it was ready to leave as I had experienced similar activations before. This time, however, I entered the portal and saw that it lead to a room off in the distance.

I walked to the room and to my surprise there were many beings in it. I was confused and trying to understand when Merlin walked into the room. What he explained is that this is part of the 11:11 portal we are all entering and very important as it is a HUGE step in our process towards Collective Ascension. The portal has recently opened and generally stays open a few days after the 11:11 date.

He explained that we are now linking up to our Soul Mission groups. I had felt prior that I was connected to them, at least on an etheric level, however, I came to realize it was not complete. To help me to understand he showed me a soccer team. Prior to this incredible portal, all positions on the team were not linked, the only link has been with those that shared a position. So one playing defense was linked to another playing defense. Now we are linking to the goalie, forwards, subs, etc.

I asked if this was soul family connecting and was told in a sense, yes, but it was more accurate to describe it as mission/role related connection. I asked if it had anything to do with the Rays of Consciousness. Were all players on my team from one particular Ray? I was told no, but that every ray was represented on a team. In that way, the work being completed would resonate with everyone.

I watched as these beautiful Gold cords came from each person, connecting into one another, and connecting me to them. I was then shown an Arial view and saw that the shape was the Flower of life. I instinctively know that each of us is spread all over the earth, doing our work individually but with a giant support team at our backs.

I then asked what this means for us and Merlin shared that missions had grown and a much needed coordinated effort on a grander scale can now commence. Here is what I came to understand:

  • Those who are aware of the work being done in the astral or earthwork (ley lines, clearings, water blessings etc) will find they have new teammates and have different tools available.


  • For those that are able to connect in meditation with their team, may be shown, new teammates. Ask to be shown if you don’t see them or ask to feel their presence.
  • There is a pooling of resources and skills that we can tap into once the connections are complete. This is a really good thing.
  • Like all teams, there are players that are stronger and those that are weaker. In this case, it is not in strength, nor abilities, but in how healed a teammate is within. Therefore, there is a concentrated effort to assist the ones on the team that are hurting. This can feel as if we are in the midst of a deep collective clearing and can be translated in our form as a deep sadness, frustration, or anger. You may dream of being healed by other beings or that you are assisting in another beings’ healing.
  • Just like with any team there are those who practice more than others and have a greater command of the sport. The 15-year veteran will have more experience and aptitude than the one who has just started playing. However, all are needed and all are being assisted and trained.
  • Teams are not compiled based on awareness nor aptitude but on soul mission. I was told that the teams are very defined. For example, if you look broadly, it would make sense that all healers would be on the same team. However, that is not the case as one group may assist those just awakening and another may assist those well on their path.
  • There can be a feeling of new support being there, a feeling of not being so alone. Imagine building a house and only having 5 people to help you and when 50 more arrive that are willing to assist in whatever is needed. Each person bringing their own skills, memories, and desires to the project.

The challenge, of course, is to tap into this aspect of yourself. As you read this, feel if it resonates as truth to you and if it does allow that to be your doorway into a conscious connection. I was told that this is happening to every being on the planet that has agreed to participate in this incredible time. The timing of this will vary for everyone, but it is during the 11:11 Stargate, though some may not be conscious of this connection until well after it has been created.

It was asked that I publish this right away and I hope that it finds you doing great in these energies and scheduling some down time so that you may bask in the 11:11 energies. The universe knew exactly what I needed as this Saturday will find me home alone as the family will be snowboarding. Then we are expected to get decent snow on Sunday, making for a glorious day of relaxation by the fire.

Thank you to all who share this work. It means a lot. Sending you all love and a hint of excitement as we transverse this unchartered territory.

Note: 11-9-18 It is very interesting that since this post was created others have come forward with seeing the flower of life in their meditations. There has also been discussion that the flower of life has been tampered with. Romeo Baron @Ascensionenergies posted a picture of how the original one was to be configured and I instantly received goosebumps because it was the configuration I saw while connecting with my team. To me what I saw in the meditation was the flower of life, I knew no other as I have not learned sacred geometry.  I then had to google the other one and could feel the difference. The one that I saw is pictured on the left (or on top depending how your device aligns it) below and the one that many consider being the flower of life is on the right. You choose and discern which feels right to you. 

Jenny Schiltz - FB IMG 1541799303497             Jenny Schiltz - floweroflife

Jenny Schiltz

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