This is a very important time, one that has been described by my team as the Time of Remembering. It began the 3rd week of November and will go into the 3rd week of January. This time will encompass the energetic gateways such as the 12:12, 1:1 and 1:11. While these gateways are important, I am told that the entire time has significance.

What the Time of Remembering means will differ for each person. For some it will be the embodiment of their higher aspect, for others, it will mean a redefining or who they are, and for some, this time will be a trigger for awakening even deeper. Regardless of where you are in this process, it is intense. There will be lessons, triggers and intense downloads. This is a marathon and not a sprint, as my team reminds me.

I sat down with my team to achieve greater clarity as these energies make it struggle to pull concepts together. So I decided it is time to ask questions (hopefully they do not seem random or out of order) and simply listen:

What does the Time of Remembering mean?

It means that all are being shown who they are and also who they are not. One will see what they need to, experience what they need to in order to step fully into their power and embody all that they are. Another will be shown very clearly where they have given away their power to institutions, beliefs, and other people. Most of you will experience a melding of both. As you embody all that you are in each moment, all that you are not must also come to light. Understand that in each moment you are being given a choice.

What type of choice?

You are being given a choice to push past all the doubt and disbelief and honor who you know that you are at your core. In order to do this, all the layers of the matrix must fall away. This can be liberating for some, but many experience deep discomfort as all that they know is being challenged.

Are all in the Soul embodiment phase?

Yes, at one stage or another. Even the beginning of one’s awakening, that initial trigger, can be seen as the beginning of the embodiment phase.

Are the first wavers, wayshowers and pioneers at the final stage of embodiment?

Yes, but understand that Soul embodiment takes place moment by moment. We prefer to use the term Anchoring in the Soul Source or what has been known as the I AM for those in these groupings. It is a particularly intense and physically demanding time for all undergoing this process and many are finding the need to withdraw completely from the collective energies.

Does this coincide with the timeline convergence taking place?

Yes and the positioning of the earth in the Galactic field. It is the time that many have been waiting for, yet not many understood what it would mean to live during this time.

Is this why anxiety feel heightened in many?

Yes, at this time much is collapsing within and without. Density is continuing to leave the human form, collapsing what once was, and allowing for the growth of greater activations. At the same time much is collapsing in your outer reality as more awaken.

It is resistance to this collapsing that creates much anxiety in the body. One must be aware that not all one is feeling is meant to be owned.

One of the main symptoms that are being reported and personally felt is anxiety. It seems to come in waves and a few of those waves really caught me off guard. I am finding myself asking a few times a day “Is this mine?” referring to the anxiety and most often the answer has been no. I then catalogue the emotion and release it. There has been an interesting feeling of “an elephant sitting on my chest” feeling to the point that I felt as if I could not take a deep breath. Under this feeling of anxiety – as this one was mine, was anger. I allowed myself to feel it and cry until there was nothing more to release and then the pressure on my chest left. Perspective helps, so keep in mind that none of these emotions or symptoms are here to harm you, but to assist you in moving more into all that we are.

You had mentioned before that we are at a choice point. Can you elaborate?

Your focus and participation is more important than ever. One cannot create the new when they still cling to the old. Yet, one can only create the new by observing what did not work in the old. There is a difference between observing and attaching to the energy. Everything that is given attention not only grows but is carried along into new timelines until it is fully released. One must choose what is worthy of their attention by simply asking themselves “Is this what I would like to carry with me as I evolve into higher timelines?”

Many believe that they must fight against what was in order to change; that they must rage. Yet, nothing can be further from the truth. When one understands fully the power of creation, they will see that by no longer being the voice or the alarm sounder, those frequencies will no longer be carried within.

I do get that, as I find that the less I focus on what is wrong with the world, the more my reality flows.

That is correct. However, this is a belief system that can be harmful as well. As you are becoming more of your authentic self, you will be shown what is no longer in alignment. At times this demonstration involves events that can be considered painful. Yet, even if there is pain and discomfort, one is in the flow if they use the opportunity to grow and move in another direction or heal where there is disharmony. Being in the spiritual flow does not mean that life is perfect at all times, this belief only brings expectations that cannot be met. It is this expectation that creates the most doubt within and hinders the growth process.

When we look at what is taking place in society regarding the uncovering of deep sexual abuse in our civilization, it seems huge.  How can one not bring this into a newer timeline?

With this and the many revelations to come, one can simply observe what is being revealed without attaching to it. It is first important to assess how these revelations make you feel. What emotions do you feel? How have you played a part in how out of balance your world has become? Where did you give away your power as a Sovereign being? Once this has been assessed, it is essential to then release the emotions with forgiveness of all, most importantly self. This will ensure that it is not taken into your higher timeline.

Many people equate forgiveness with not bringing to justice.

When one forgives themselves or another it creates space for healing to take place, for unconditional love to come in. This does not mean that one should not be held responsible. Think about how you have given your power away to another, did you not experience repercussions? This is no different than the repercussions one will experience when they are the ones to take power from another.

However, one will find that when justice without forgiveness is sought that it becomes a perpetuating cycle of guilt, blame, and anger. One that they are unable to detach from.

You mentioned that this is a choice point in regards to how we view the changes coming. Can you explain?

As each of you activates your crystalline form, it will help to activate others and this will bring forth the shadow even more. Your earth is also undergoing a similar process and in turn, this is helping to expose the shadow collectively. It can be thought of as a great purging.

While this may be uncomfortable, it is important to realize that it is not the world becoming darker, as all that is coming forth was already there, it was just hidden.

You told me to be observant of the ones wanting destruction and chaos. I felt it was an important thing to understand.

Yes, for there are those that want the destruction of all systems regardless of the impact. There is impatience with this belief and it is often one layered with the need to be proven right. There is great importance and care taken in the awakening process as the timing is essential to ensure it is as smooth as possible. The undoing of the veil, of the control programming in an instant would cause unrepairable damage to many.

It is essential that in all that is done to assist this process is done with the intention that the Highest Good of All is Done.

There are a number of people, animals and even plants that are leaving the earth at this time. There has been much written about those who cannot raise their light being forced to leave the earth. Is this accurate?

There is no right or wrong, good or bad; no higher or lower vibration. There is only choice and the desire for an experience. One must look at their need to create a hierarchy of self-validation.

What can people do to go through this Time of Remembering with Ease and Grace?

First one should look at their definition of ease and grace. As this too can be used as a gauge on which to find yourself lacking.  We would much rather you focus on your growth and the deep changes that are taking place within you. What is taking place has not been done before, therefore there is no barometer by which to judge one’s self or another.

It is important to set time aside time to allow for the integration of your soul to take place. It is for this reason that many have felt the call to simplify their lives. Listening to the body is of the utmost importance.

There are many activations and downloads occurring that will bring about greater understandings and even rememberings of all that you are. We suggest not dismissing these insights as they are helpful in reclaiming your power and clearing all that hinders this process.

As always, water, minerals, and spending time in nature will help to soothe the nervous system. We recommend group work with like souls as this helps the expansion and activation of all that you are. Obtaining assistance from your guidance team and the many modalities available is helpful as well.

Most important is self-love and the concentrated effort to release the fear and expectations that can become intertwined with this process.  All is proceeding as planned.

A client of mine was concerned that with her busy life caring for others that her lack of dedication to this process would mean that she “missed the boat”. Her team told her she would not “miss the boat” and that all that is taking place is “God’s Grace.”

Yes, every effort is being made to assist all souls through the upcoming changes so that the reach the goals their soul intended. One does not have to be aware of this assistance to receive it. Each of you falls under God’s Grace.

Thank you for your assistance today!

It has been our honor.

I hope that this question and answer session has been helpful. It really is an amazing time but really intensive too. We have to be easy on ourselves and love ourselves and others through this transition.


Sending you all so much love. Take care of you.

Jenny Schiltz

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