Lion's Gate Integration Energy Healing


This is a distance healing that will help you to integrate the intense Lion’s Gate Energies.

This healing will help with the integration of all that took place with the Lion’s Gate energies, the incoming plasma, and the sun’s activity.This will be held on 8/17, which is another date with the 8/8 energies.This healing is $11.11 per person/pet.

You will receive a brief email describing the healing work done by 8/19.

**If you signed up for the Lion's Gate healing bundle ($44), this integration healing is part of it. You do not need to sign up again. 

If you do not have the email by the end of the day (MST) on 8/19, please check your spam folder; if it is still not there, please email me.

Have a beautiful day!

Jenny Schiltz

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