I want to take moment to send you a brief message regarding the great news that spirit shared.

On the solstice, my husband’s alarm went off, raising me from a deep sleep but not fully waking me. As I stayed suspended in twilight, trying to grab onto the wisps of the night dreams, I felt myself being pulled, summoned.

I followed the familiar pull and found myself on a ship. My team was present, and they greeted me with a loud “Happy Birthday!!”

I looked at them confused and said, “It’s not my birthday.” They laughed and said, “You will mark this day as the day that changes much in your life.”

I was confused; my human mind was making up scenarios of how my life would change. (Win the lottery! Yes, please! lol) My highest aspect waved me over and said let me show you… “Congratulations are in order.”

She showed me a grid lit up and anchored fully onto the earth. “It is done; what you and others have been working on for so long is done.  This grid carries a higher frequency, a higher electrical current that allows much of the soul to anchor into the body. Many will mark this time as the time of being reborn.”

As she said this, my body became electrified and covered in goosebumps. Those that are ready will find themselves deep in their embodiment. This will come in phases  – first, the download, then the purging of what is incongruent with the soul, then the anchoring/embodying of what was downloaded. This will happen again and again until it is complete.

I asked how long this process would take and was told it would vary from person to person. It will depend on what needs to be purged and how much resistance one has to the new.  Each download of our soul requires us to let go of what is no longer aligned.

When I feel into this process – it feels like a delicious, incredible unfolding (though it may have physical challenges). We will discover our true selves bit by bit and continue to set ourselves free from the limiting confines of our belief systems and obligations.

I was told, “Be a newborn again; look at everything with wonder. Let go of what you think you know and allow the truth to come through you; without judgment. Be open to it all.”

“You are magic in a realm that has forgotten that it, too, is magic.”

It was a really beautiful message. This time period every year holds incredible light and growth opportunities; this year, however, is even more potent as we deepen our embodiment experience. Thank you to all that have held and anchored the light; each of us is needed and so very valuable.

Sending you all lots of love and blessings. I appreciate all who share this message, as many are hidden on social media.



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Jenny Schiltz -


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