Many of you know that I was called to travel to Honduras over the Holidays to assist with the Activation of the Ancient Codes. Since then time feels so fast that it feels like a year ago that we were there and it’s a wonder to me that I am just now able to share what took place. Time has sped up so much and so has the amount of energy coming in. We are all stepping into a new space within ourselves and this requires deep integration. This period is all about learning to go with the flow and to trust your instincts. It’s also understanding that the flow can change from day to day just as a river is not a straight line, neither is the flow. This is one of the things we’re having to get used to. What feels right today, may not feel right tomorrow, and logic (the mind) does not play into it at all. I am finding that to stay in the flow I have to really embody my power and inner knowing and become comfortable with being misunderstood by those that don’t understand the flow. 

While I knew I was being called to Honduras, I didn’t know why until December 9th, only a week prior to our departure. All of this has been a huge lesson in faith and trust. To read that blog to understand the message I received about the work being done please click here: Activation Of Ancient Codes That Assist With The Grand Return – Jenny Schiltz

I want to share with you what happened during my trip to Honduras. I knew that the activation I needed to assist with had to take place on the water but I really wasn’t given more details than that. The last time I worked on activating the hidden pyramids, I did it while snorkeling. So when my husband suggested that we learn diving, I was all for it. Unfortunately,  with three dive trips at three different locations, under my belt, I knew it wasn’t right. The activation wasn’t complete and I was feeling at a loss. It really made me question what I was doing and if I had missed something crucial. When I would connect for clarity, I kept hearing TRUST. 

On the 19th of December, my husband had a conversation with someone at the eco-resort where we were staying and that person recommended a dolphin excursion. I have wanted to swim with the dolphins for many years, however being such an empath I can feel the sorrow of a contained animal. To my absolute delight, it was discovered that this particular dolphin experience was unlike any I had heard up before. In the evening the dolphins are let go and they return to the Atlantic Ocean. In the morning, most return to their “job” with their payment being lots of already caught fish.

Our dive instructor used to work at that facility and he said it was interesting because sometimes dolphins would return with a friend that wanted a good, easy meal. He told me how happy and well cared for the dolphins are if they become injured or sick. I was so excited to know that places that this exists in our world. 

I went online to look at the options and the only thing available was the basic encounter where you would be introduced to a dolphin and hear a lecture. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to snorkel with them. However, something was better than nothing, so I took the only spot available which was in the afternoon of the 22nd.

On the morning of the 21st, the Solstice, I woke, and during morning meditation, I was urged to give the dolphin center a call. I called them and they said they did have three spaces available for the snorkeling with dolphins that afternoon at 3:00. I was ecstatic! There was no better way to spend the Solstice in my eyes, in the water, and with dolphins.

The first part of the snorkeling with dolphins was the basic dolphin encounter. You got to stand in the water to meet and pet a dolphin while hearing about the center. Approximately 40 people signed up for this encounter. The dolphin we met was named Mr. Frenchie. I felt his eyes boring into me and I decided to scan him and saw energy attached to his dorsal fin. I asked for permission to assist him and I got the yes I needed. When he did the slow swim by so we could pet him I pulled the energy off. When he made his next pass through I did a full sweep and was able to make sure his energy field was clear and sealed his aura.

Interestingly enough we were told that Mr. Frenchie did not leave the lagoon anymore because he had gotten lost during a storm and couldn’t find his way back to the Roatán Institute for Marine Sciences. He was eventually tracked down but his experience had left him afraid to join his wild brothers and sisters again. I am hoping the energy removal helps ease his fears so he can feel free again. 

The time came for a picture with the dolphin kissing you, Mr. Frenchie gave me two kisses and I knew it was a thank you for the energy removal. Soon as all the pictures and kisses were given the dolphin encounter portion of our experience was over.

Jenny Schiltz - ASW 1158 1Everyone started coming out of the water and the attendant told everyone that was going to swim with the dolphins to go get gear on and for the rest to get on boats to go to the main area.

To my surprise, the only three left standing behind were my husband, my daughter, and myself! I was just shocked. The website had shown that it was completely booked and thankfully on the intuitive nudge I had called. Somehow we were getting a private swim. I looked at my phone and had to laugh as I showed it to my husband it read 3:33.

We got on our snorkel gear and went to the deeper part of the lagoon, Mr. Frenchie came up and once he did, all the others did too.  It was as if he was saying these people are safe to be near and play with.

When my daughter would dive down to the bottom, some would follow her as if to say “Whatca doing?” They were as interested in her as she was of them. There were approximately 12 dolphins including a mother with a 1-month newborn. Even she didn’t stay away from us. At one point the baby was nursing and mom swam in between the three of us with the baby latched. It was such an honor.

There was one that was exceptionally playful and kept putting my hand in his mouth. He would come up underneath me and find my hand and I would feel teeth and a part of me would freak for a second, but then he would flip in front of me for belly rubs. This one was around age 2 and so full of joy. He felt like a jokester, full of so much life and playfulness. 

On his third time swimming around me for belly rubs, I heard very clearly “Give it to us”. I got hit with energy and I knew that they were going to assist me with the activations. The activations that I was so worried I would not be able to complete on this trip. I opened my energy field completely because I knew the codes were stored in there. I felt the transference, the shift as I sent energy out to the dolphins. All of a sudden the dolphin started swimming in circles around the lagoon really fast which is a little intimidating, to say the least as they swam very close, moving in and out of the 3 of us. It felt like a celebration.  I knew that what I handed to them was in good hands.

The half-hour swimming with the dolphins was over much too fast. The attendant that was in the water making sure we were safe couldn’t believe that not only was it just us three but that all the dolphins interacted. He said there have been days that the dolphins won’t have anything to do with the humans and they have to refund the participants money. I was filled with such gratitude and awe.  I did say to my husband that it would have been so much easier if Spirit had said, go do the dolphin excursion, let them help you instead of me following bread crumbs, but it felt really important for me to learn to blindly trust and follow the nudges even more than I normally do. Trusting that no matter what it will work and sometimes even better than my wildest dreams!

After the dolphin excursion, we went to a seaside grill near the lagoon that overlooked the Atlantic. I was staring out into the water as the sun was beginning to set when my attention was drawn to the horizon. I saw dolphins heading out from the lagoon into the open water. I didn’t know if they were the same dolphins, but I felt they were.

About 20 minutes later I was slammed with energy. It came in through my crown tingling down into my heart chakra expanding it. I heard clearly the same happy voice that said “Give it to us”, say “It is done!”. I found myself shocked once again. I sent them so much love and gratitude for assisting me with the activation. My heart felt so light and joyous. It was not only the perfect way to celebrate the very powerful Solstice but to do the work I was tasked with doing. 

I felt out into the web that connects us all and felt the incredible work that was done that day. There were those connecting with the waters, activating the codes, sending a signal and there were those that had filled the grids with such power that we shifted timelines that day. I sat in meditation that evening grasping the beauty of it all and cried for the sheer beauty of it all. This journey can feel quite isolating as we seem to be stationed all over the world, bringing in the light codes and anchoring them into the crystalline grid, yet when we consciously connect, we can feel each other and know we are not alone. 

I feel so positive for the future, even though the world seems to be spinning madly and with greater intensity. All of the craziness is needed as shakes people awake and provides a choice. We are being asked daily – will we follow and lead with our hearts or will we follow and lead with our mind? Each moment we are growing, embodying our soul more and more, and stepping into the creator positions in our lives. When you connect with your heart space, there is peace, there is knowing that all is happening as it should and with Divine Timing. Our job is to become our brightest and truest selves.

I hope that this message finds you well and finding the upper octaves to the energy and not getting lost in the spiral. When you feel lost, ground and breath into the heart space and know that it is all working as it should. 

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Much love and blessings to you and yours!

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