I wanted to share with you what has occurred over the past month or so in my shamanic journeys. I was consistently shown a lake of blue fire held in a stone type bath in this underground cavern area. My higher-self urged me to soak in it as it would help me to heal not only physically but by healing distortions that I still held within.

I was lead to this place multiple times when one of the times I saw in the distance what looked like an altar in an underground temple and a woman that looked like a priestess working to transcribe information onto scrolls. This place felt far away as if I didn’t have access to it but I was able to observe. Until recently when that all changed.

I went into the blue fire lake and as I was soaking in that energy and experiencing the downloads that accompanied such deep clearing I saw the alter again. Except for this time it was very close. As I watched I saw soldiers come in and destroy the sacred objects. They ripped the scrolls to shreds and you could tell that they held a righteous air about them.

Then I noticed the high priestess laying in a corner with a long spear sticking out from her abdomen. I went over to her and as we connected it was as if the scene of destruction and the soldiers were in a different level of reality and though I could still see them, she and I were able to connect.

She asked me to help prop her up and as I did I told her how sorry I was that all of her sacred work was destroyed and lost. I was sorry for the disrespect that she endured.  She smiled and said “My work is not destroyed, it is in you. You only have to access it.”

She grabbed my arm and then I saw these shapes that remind me of light language began to appear on my form in electric blue. They would appear and then disappear within me. As this was taking place my human body vibrated with such intensity that it threatened to pull me from the journey. She held my hand and said “Stay with me, all is well”. This helped the fear my body was feeling to lessen.

I told her that I didn’t understand what was happening. She told me “The Ancient Knowledge is returning.” I asked if this was just for me or for everyone and her reply was “It is for all that are ready.”  I asked her if she was giving me the knowledge in this moment and she said “No, it has always been within you. It has simply been buried, but now it is unearthed.”

I told her that I didn’t know how to get the information out of me so that others can hear it and she laughed and said “You will access the information with every breath. The information is not words, it is not even concepts, but rather it is energy that will be conveyed in all that you do.”

I sat with this and told her that there are many in this world that are not open and I didn’t know how to show them that a new way exists.  She told me that those that resonate with my frequency will find me. She went on further and explained to me that I should not attempt to convince anyone of anything. To try to convince someone of some particular viewpoint is futile as it causes them to cling to their beliefs tighter, to dig in their heels in defense. She explained that the best thing to do is to agree that in that person’s reality what they believe is true and correct for them. She said that while this may enrage some, I should not engage as it would be a waste of my time. That by simply stating that the realities are different  opens a doorway for the person to begin to understand that each of us is the creator of our own reality.

I thanked her for all that she had done for her time of service and as I did she vanished as did the temple and soldiers. I found myself standing in an empty cavern with the blue fire lake dried up.


I came out of the journey and immediately connected with my team. I realized what a sacred gift I had been shown. They explained that we are now in the time of the Ancient Knowledge returning. The clearer one is of duality and distortions the more this information will be switched on within the DNA. It is now the time to remember who we are at the deepest level.

Now is the time of the Ancient Knowledge Returning. The clearer one is of duality and distortions the more this information will be switched on within the DNA. Click To Tweet

These are the lives of the wisdom keepers, healers, shamans, high priests and priestess etc. – simply put it is the life where we lived in deep, deep connection with ALL THAT IS. This life is emerging from our subconscious into our conscious life and is asking to be heard, felt and experienced.

I have had a few clients tell me about seeing a person consistently as they drift off to sleep or in their dreams and meditations. For these clients, the pieces represented a past life version of themselves that holds great knowledge, connection, and magic. It does not matter if you are unable to see or hear these aspects, you will still bring all of you home. This knowledge is being activated within our systems as we experience these higher energies and clear distortions within.

What is interesting is that as these aspects awaken within us there can be quite a bit of frustration and anger felt. I asked my highest self about this and she replied that the anger is natural “For you see it is the wisdom keepers, the healers, the connectors, the crystal workers, and all the ancient knowledge of Creation coming forward. What it can create as this aspect awakens and feels what has been done not only to the Earth but to her people, is anger and disillusionment.”

For those who are activating these aspects right now (whether they’re consciously aware or not), there can be a feeling of being overwhelmed. Not only are we dealing with the physical changes and learning how to thrive in the higher energies but we are also embodying all that we are. These ancient aspects are looking around and saying What the hell happened? How did we lose such connection? How did we become so powerless? Why did we let this happen? These are great questions to ask as they make us look at ways we have given away our power. This can bring about anger but it can be beneficial if it is used as a catalyst for growth.

If you have been experiencing flashes of anger which may be directed at humanity or particular incidents, people, or concepts, know that this may be your ancient self asking you to walk in your power. It is through your heart-centered personal power that you will change the world, at a minimum you will change yours.

Many are feeling a giant push from the universe. As one client said: “It’s GO time!”  While there is this push many are in what I call the hallway – It a long hallway with many closed doors and the universe is saying “Once you decide to open a door, we will put wind in your sails, but you first must choose.”  You can open as many doors as you like, take a step forward and if you find it does not bring you joy, close the door and try again.

It is absolutely clear that we are in the process of leveling up. The higher energies contain such amazing possibilities. These universal energies coming in are asking us to take full responsibility for our creations and purposely co-create with our soul.

We are experiencing massive upgrades to the throat and heart chakra. It is so that we can speak, act and think from an open-hearted space. The collective is experiencing massive turmoil, make sure that you are not empathing and taking in these emotions. When you feel massive sadness, anxiety, anger, and even physical pain ask yourself “Is this mine?” Feel the answer in your form. If it is not yours, then thank it for showing you what another is feeling and tell it to leave. We are here to thrive and that means we don’t have to be a garbage collector of humanity’s stuff.

The collective is experiencing massive turmoil, make sure that you are not empathing and taking in these emotions. When you feel massive sadness, anxiety, anger, and even physical pain ask yourself “Is this mine?” If it is not yours,… Click To Tweet

I hope that these energies find you doing well and integrating all of you.  It really is an amazing time but really intensive too. We have to be easy on ourselves and love ourselves and others through this transition.

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Sending you all so much love. Take care of you.

Jenny Schiltz

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