There has been so much talk about the need to forgive others and open our hearts, especially in these intense energetic times. It is so very important to release all within that is holding onto pain, anger, shame, guilt, and frustration. All of this keeps us from opening fully to the incredible energies that are bathing the earth in these moments.

This morning I sat in meditation and asked where I needed to forgive. I was immediately taken to scenes in my life where I had been mean, unkind, and reacted from a wounded inner child perspective.

It was then that I understood that only I can forgive and heal me. I have no problem forgiving others, I see the shining  soul behind every person. Yet I wasn’t able to extend this gift to myself. These were events I had gone over while doing shadow work, but I had focused on those I felt I hurt, asking for their forgiveness. I didn’t take it that last and necessary step of forgiving and healing myself.

So I reviewed each memory that surfaced. I allowed this version of myself to love, forgive, and hold the version of self that had acted from a state of pain. We have the ability to interject into any memory and interact; changing all within from that point forward.  I did this until I felt a deep release within. As the tears flowed I was amazed at how deeply it has affected me all this time without me being totally aware. It was one more layer of self released.

As we work diligently to bathe the earth and her people in unconditional love, we can not forget to love all the deep, yucky parts of self. Only we have the power to heal all our wounds, only we can love ourselves and fill the holes within. This is how we heal and love the world by completely healing and loving ourselves. As below, so above and as within, so without.

Take some time to reflect on forgiveness. Forgiveness for all who have hurt us and forgiveness for all who have hurt others, the earth and her animals. Most importantly, forgiveness, love and compassion for ourselves.

Sending you all the love and blessing you can handle. I’m grateful for all of you on this journey with me as I hold you and myself in the highest light.




**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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