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Receive Healing from the Atlantean Healing Temple accessed through the powerful land of Sarasota, Florida for the Lion’s Gate!

I have been guided to go to Florida to connect with the energy in Sarasota and the Atlantean energies for this year’s Lion’s Gate. Spirit showed me that with the work done and energy received in Ireland that I am to go to Sarasota and connect with the ley lines, the stargate, and the Atlantean Healing temple that still exists in another realm in that location. As my team showed me the healing temple my entire form was covered in an incredible blue Sapphire energy.

My team has suggested that I offer healing to all those that would like to be connected to the Atlantean Healing Temple. When I looked at the timing of this trip, I had to laugh, with weekend basketball tournaments and school starting mid-August, the only time that worked was the time of Lion’s Gate. Spirit cleared the path!

I will be offering this healing on August 5th so that there are 3 days of integration prior to the 8/8 portal.

While the Lion’s Gate portal didn’t close last year (many are staying open now), we will be experiencing the alignment of the Sun in Leo, the Sirius Sun, Orion’s belt and Earth. This portal contains the powerful energy of 8 which is manifestation and karma. This healing assists with healing the Karmic ties, the things that bind us to a repeating reality and keep us from creating the new reality we want. 

This Lion’s gate portal contains the powerful energy of 8 which is all about manifestation, karma, infinity & dharma . I am being told that the Atlantean healing temple and the beings that guard (galactic & Altantean council) and hold its energy are willing to assist us with setting ourselves free from the things that trap us. With this assistance we will be able to take full advantage of the powerful alignment & the energy that it brings. 

>>>>  There is a call to heal on a collective & personal level what took place in Atlantis. I believe this healing will help us avoid the timeline where we go down the road once taken that destroyed Atlantis.  <<<<

I will send energy remotely to all that register, and you will receive an email on what I saw and the energy that was sent. This healing is a wonderful opportunity for you to receive energy healing from this amazing land and from the powerful Healing Temple of Atlantis available in Sarasota, Florida. 

Heart of the Goddess - Ireland Healing Tincture

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If you signed up for the healing event, it will be completed by the end of August 5th EST. An email detailing what took place will go out on 8/7 or before. If you have not received it by 8/8, please check your spam folder.

Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

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Feel into the energies of Sarasota, Florida

I was originally called to work with the energies of Sarasota and the amazing Siesta key beach in 2016, now in 2022 it is time for me to return.

One of the first things you notice about this area is the sand. The beaches are 99% quartz and are always cool no matter how warm the air is.

Many people experience deep peace and clarity when lying on the sand. 

It is rumored that the sand was from the giant quartz crystals that powered Atlantis, created powerful healing fields and facilitated contact with off-earth beings. When Atlantis exploded, it is said that the crystals became so pulverized that they created the quartz sand. 

Some say that the area of Ibiza, Spain has similar quartz beaches and energy. This is fascinating as Spain was not near Florida according to the Pangea Maps, we are told are correct. 

There is a 2D Stargate in this area (Atlantis) that I am told connects to the 2D stargate on Easter Island (Lemurian).   

The Sarasota stargate has been closed and guarded as it was used to allow negative beings that would like to control the planetary ascension. It still is upgraded as we all are during this incredible time.  The 9th/10th dimensional grids were laid and activated during the 2022 Solstice. We are full steam ahead now!!

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