What is the Aura?

Your Aura is the electromagnetic field around your body. It is said that the aura has 7 layers and those layers correspond to the 7 chakras. The Arcturians however have shown me that the Aura has 12 layers, to go with the 12 chakra system of the evolving human. I find this very exciting as it shows that what we understand will change as we grow.

Why is Aura Cleansing important?

Our Aura is the sum total of all the layers. Each layer holds the information that we are consistently transmitting from our form through our emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental bodies. Our Auras can get muddy from outside interference such as EMF, WIFI, and other electromagnetic frequency disruptors. They can also become muddy or clouded from our own personal process and interactions with others.   If we are feeling insecure, the layers of the aura that match the root and or solar plexus chakra may be affected. If we walk into a room where people are arguing we may feel anxious even angry; this energy splat will be evident on the aura.

The weekly aura cleansing will clear out any of the impurities in your aura whether they are from outside influences or from our own internal process. Your aura will then be balanced so that one layer is not more dominate than another. For example, when the mental layer is exaggerated, we may find it hard stop the monkey mind. Finally your aura will be sealed and this provides protection from the outside sources such as EMF and energy splats. When the aura is cleared, balanced and sealed it allows us to better handle our daily lives.

With the increase in the ascension energies coming from the sun, Source and the earth we are being stretched to the max. We are being asked to become the highest version of ourselves by letting go of programming and beliefs that lock us into a lowered reality. As we let go of what no longer serves, the energies may become stuck in the auric fields, particularly if the aura is clouded or muddy. The 2x a week cleansing assists with clearing out these energies as well bringing more ease to this process.

How is the Aura Cleansing done?

The Aura Cleansing is done 2 ways.

First is that I bring you into the space where I work that allows me to see the form on a quantum level so that I am able to use shamanic techniques to clear, heal and seal each layer of the aura and when directed, I clear the chakras most affected.  I work with a team of Arcturians who are master healers that have taught me so much.

Secondly, I utilize the SRC4all program which allows me to counteract the negative frequencies that bombard us on a daily basis.


What is the SRC4all program?

SRC4all is a computer program that works on a quantum level by utilizing frequencies, including Rife healing frequencies.  The simplified explanation is that the program creates and sends positive energetic frequencies to combat negative frequency anomalies that are created by stress. This stress is from environmental factors such as EMF, WIFI, microwave, 5G, and from our everyday lives. The frequencies that are sent are designed to bring in ease as we go through these intense transitions.


What will I experience?

How each person responds to the energy is completely individualized. There is an array of different things you can feel in the physical body. Some may feel energized, some may simply be able to handle their day better. Some however, may experience a greater intensity as blockages in the auric field are cleared. For example blockages in the solar plexus auric layer can make one feel cramping as it works its way out. If you ever feel that the healing is too much, simply ask your guidance team to reduce the intensity of the energies being sent. 

At any time during the aura cleansing you can tell your personal healing team that you do not want the healing that day. Or that you want it to wait until you are home and resting. You set the pace and timing with your intention, this is how we co-create our realities and become sovereign.

The purpose of the Aura Cleansing, Balancing and Energizing is to help you through the intense energies that we are experiencing. It helps to clear all that is ready to be cleared. At times the energies coming in from the sun, Source and the earth can cause significant physical, mental and emotional symptoms. This is part of the ascension process that is intensifying, this service is to help ease the difficulty, but it will not stop all that you experience from the evolutionary change we are experiencing.


Is the Cleansing done at a specific time? 

Yes and No. The SRC4u runs at 11:11 am (MDT) every Wednesday.  The work I & the Arcturians personally assist with is done at various times throughout the day. Healing work is often layered. I sometimes find it beneficial to work with what I see initially, and then allow time for changes to take place before taking another look.


Do we need to meet in order for it to take place?

No, that is the beauty of this, it is all done remotely so you don’t have to fit one more thing into your busy day. You can tap into what is taking place the day of by going into meditation and you can access what was done when you receive the healing encoded write up.

*Please note that the healing write up tends to go to the spam or promotional file on your email. Marking the email as not spam and moving to the inbox often resolves the problem for future emails, but this is not always the case.  


What if I do not want a cleanse on a particular day?

Talk to your spiritual team. Let them know that you do not want not receive the healing that day. You can also tell your team to hold off on all healing and clearing until you are home in the evening. This is a co-creation and you have final say as to what you receive on the etheric level.


Do I need to set an intention?

You do not need to do anything to receive these frequencies other than give permission by signing up. You can also do a blanket intention that will work for all aura cleansing sessions such as “Bring to me what is in my highest good every aura cleansing”. 

When you receive the aura cleanse write up, read it and breathe it in. It helps you to connect to the work that was done on your behalf and understand what is happening with the energies. 


Are humans the only ones to benefit from Aura Cleansing?

Every living being has an aura and thereby can benefit from this energetic cleansing. Many have signed up their children, pets and someone even signed up a beloved tree. Our pets in particular are assisting tremendously with the Ascension of earth and humanity. The aura cleanse assists them in their sacred work. If you register anyone over the age of 18, please make sure you have their permission.


How do I make sure that I don’t miss out on upcoming Aura Cleansings?

The easiest way is to join the monthly subscription program. It charges your credit card monthly so that you do not miss a single cleanse. You can cancel at anytime.   At any time you can reach out to me at info@jennyschiltz.com to find out when your subscription ends.

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