Even though the energies from the Solstice and New Moon are waning, there is not much reprieve right now. At times I feel like a broken record discussing the mental, emotional and physical effects of the higher frequencies coming in. Yet, what I am feeling with this latest burst of energy is a push, a big push for us to be our most authentic self. My grandmother would refer to this as “shit or get off the pot” energy.  When I pondered how to describe it, those were the words I heard and I had to laugh and share because it is so fitting.

For those who have been on the journey for a while, there is a sense of action, of doing, and creating WHILE BEING.  For most of our lives we were action oriented beings, striving and achieving, going with what was expected of us by society, friends, and family. We had a vision of what was ideal and we went after it, even though it left many of us empty.  Then the world changed, the universe conspired to shake us up. We experienced destruction. Some of us experienced the destruction of health, finances, security, relationships, jobs, even where we were living. Some simply felt this feeling that they were living a lie, that there was more out there that they couldn’t put their finger on. Spirit did whatever was needed to get our attention, to get us out of the day to day that was just piling on the layers of the veil year after year. Whatever we falsely identified with was stripped.

Amidst all the destruction, we searched and searched and found our soul. We began to get a glimpse of who we truly are without all the beliefs and expectations that we carried. We had no choice but to learn how to BE, that we were worthy and ok for simply being alive. We had to learn how to be when the energies knocked us down, learn how to be when it felt that all we had counted on for security was taken away. We had to learn to trust in the process, honor it, and do the hard work of clearing our emotional and mental bodies.

Now we are being asked more and more to get back out there, the cocooning time is done. For those who have been active there is a great push to expand – become more than you ever thought you could. There is a giant push to let go of all of our fears and reservations and be exactly who we are with no apologies. For years the masters have talked about becoming the light house to lead others out of the dark. For those that are in this stage, it is indeed what you have become. You are becoming the example for others, while remembering that the lighthouse stays on shore, not jumping into the storm. How can one guide when they become lost themselves? There is no self-sacrifice in the new paradigm, there is no debt that needs to be repaid and when we give, it is from the heart and pure. We have learned that to not put ourselves first and honor our soul is to go backwards and the repercussions on our emotional & physical health would be swift

Now is the time that “boots on the ground” are needed, the cocooning or quarantine is over. What this means will vary with each person. Some will find themselves entering high density positions or locations, some will simply expand into more of who they are while others will find that they must leave the safety of the nest and fly.  Remember, a light house must be on the edge between the land and ocean to be of service, a land locked lighthouse would do little good. However you choose to put the “boots on the ground” is perfect for you. As humans we tend to want everything to be perfect before we act. We want to be 100% through the process, secure and in constant alignment before acting. Yet, if we wait for that day, we would never act. Consider this your internship. You are learning how to return to DOING while BEING.

This concept of getting back out there in whatever form it means for you can feel terrifying and that fear alone can cause you not to act. Settle yourself, and listen with your heart – what is your soul saying? Sometimes the hardest and biggest step is the first one.

I had been feeling this push in the energies for a few weeks now and the same has been expressed by some of my clients, for some it exhibited as restlessness, a longing for something which often times is undefinable.  As always spirit shows it to me in such a way that I truly understand what is happening

Throughout the night last night, I dreamed of my grandmother’s house. She had a large garden with fruit trees and it was teeming with life. This place was my sanctuary, my peace.  There were so many people in her home as it was an open house and I inquired about buying it.  I then heard “Jennifer!” and I snapped to attention as it was my grandmother’s voice. She passed in 2015. I walked into the kitchen and she says “Sit down and have some coffee”. She then proceeded to tell me that I need to stop looking backward and to look forward. That I hadn’t truly made a home since I lost my farm in 2012. That it was time I made my own sanctuary, my own place to be. This was all accurate, I have been holding back. She then says “And you need to decide what you want to do, it doesn’t matter, just decide.” I asked her what she meant and I found we were both standing in a hallway with 3 doors that contained possible futures. As I opened each one she said – “If this is what you want, it will be a good life, but only if it is what you want.”  I realized that the only requirement for choosing was – did I want it? Is it what will make my heart soar or am I choosing based on fear?

As I stared at door number 3 and its potential I asked “If I choose this, will my husband and little one be OK with it?” She looked at me and said “Leave that to spirit to sort out. You have to trust.” There it was…Could I trust in this possible future, trust in spirit to guide, trust that no matter what the highest good is done or do I retreat back into the illusion of safety?

I choose door 3 as it made my heart soar.  She said “Good, then go in and close the door behind you.” I did and was immediately surrounded by my team who congratulated me. They explained that there was no wrong choice as long as whatever choice made was not made from fear.  There is no more playing small, as we are not small beings. The enormity of the situation hit me as my human brain took over and I got scared. I looked at my higher self and said “What do I do now?” She smiled and said “Just be you and it will all fall into place.”

I woke and asked if this is a message to share with everyone and was told yes. That for those in the destruction & entering the cocooning phase it would bring hope that it does end. It does get better. For those feeling the intense energies and the urgency it would provide an understanding; a framework as to the purpose.

I hope that this message finds you stepping into your power more and more, becoming and being the lighthouse that you were born to be. Thank you to all who share this work. It means the world. <3

Lots of love,



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