Some of you are wondering where you are as all looks different, where others are not feeling the change at all. For those not feeling or seeing change we ask you, where are you looking to see this change? Are you looking within or at the world around you? If you are looking to the world around you, you will not see the change you desire. True change starts within each and everyone of you. When you are at peace in your life, when your heart is open and you are loving all fully, you will then see this change radiated out to all those around you. This in turn changes them, activates them if you will and they too begin the journey of self realization.

So many on this path have become disillusioned looking around at all that needs changing in your world. We ask that you not rail against a system you can not change, but instead create new ones based on love, fairness, and forgiveness. In every moment you are choosing where to place your energy. Do you use it to see all that is wrong in the world or do you focus on what is right? You are very powerful beings and what you focus on you are giving life too. Choose wisely. This is especially important as the human being is becoming more crystalline. The more crystalline you become the more you project your reality in a clear, concise ways. You have always had the ability to project your reality, but it was not clear. Think of it as a movie projector. You are the projector of your life movie, however the lens from which you projected the image was dirty so parts of the movie were distorted or were unable to be projected at all. As you become crystalline, your lens is cleaner as the density leaves your body. This allows you to project exactly what you intended without interference.  This is how you create the new world. You project your love, forgiveness, and wisdom in all that you do around you and this changes everything. The effects on the collective consciousness will not be seen immediately as most are still projecting with distorted, dirty lenses. However, as more of you begin to project the vision of the new earth, of new unified relationships with mankind and the earth, the more you will see the change outside of yourself, not just within. This is why we ask you to go within as this is the only way to create the change which so many of you seek. If you are still projecting with density, you will only create with the continued distortion. You must clear the density within.

For those who have felt the recent shift and are affected by the eclipse energies, we ask you: what have you learned about yourself? What has fallen away from you during this time? What new patterns and opportunities have emerged? This is an extremely powerful time with many opportunities to make large life changes if you are ready. You will know that it is time for these changes because it will feel as if there really is no other option. Some of the changes will feel to be forced upon you, such as job changes, relationship changes, moves, and health issues that force you to focus on self. Know that all is happening in your highest good and that though some might be painful, the changes are pushing you on the path which your soul desires. Take an inventory of what has been shown to you these past few weeks, what synchronicity has occurred? What life lessons or themes seem to have reappeared?  These are all clues showing you where you need to head in your life, where you need to release density, and where you need to change in order to continue your progression.  For those seeking to make large changes, you will know that the time is right because the path will be clearer and you will be presented with ever growing opportunities. You must walk in that direction fearlessly, leaving all insecurities behind. The energies are here to support such bold moves.

Part of what is taking place is a better access to your soul guidance. As you clear density from your field you are better able to obtain the guidance your soul wants to give. You may experience this as a nudging to act, increased intuition, dreams and seeing signs in your waking world. We ask that you pay attention to all that is around you and act on the feelings you receive. The more you trust and act, the greater the connection you will achieve with your soul source.  Put away the feeling of being foolish or highly imaginative and know that this is the connection you seek. Allowing the thinking part of yourself to interfere will only slow down your progress. Trust yourself, trust the guidance you receive. Always ask yourself if what you are receiving is heart centered and loving, if it is not, release it and ask to receive only guidance that is pure and unfiltered.

Use the energies that are streaming to your earth to help propel you in the direction you wish to go. See all that is occurring as a gift and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

With deep admiration,

Quan Yin

Personal Note:

Thank you for describing how a crystalline being is better able to manifest their reality. It has been unclear to me and others.

It is important for all to understand the importance of the deep transformation that is taking place on your planet. The new will be created through each of you.

The physical symptoms for me have increased these past few weeks. I am experiencing pain in the temples, sinuses, and pressure in the heart chakra and upper back. Is this normal for this time?

Your cranium is expanding which causes some issues as well as old programming leaving the sinus cavity can cause pain and pressure. The heart chakra and higher heart chakra are being activated and expanded with the light codes coming forth. The expansion of the heart chakra will go through your being so you may experience discomfort in the back directly behind the heart chakra.

I started seeing the 11:11, 444, 555 numbers again. I saw on social media where others are reporting the same thing.

It is our way of telling you that you have entered a new phase and tremendous growth is upon you.

I also noticed on social media that many feel that their guides are leaving or that they are in a void. Can you explain?

For many this eclipse has elevated people on their journey. Your guides change as you progress, higher vibrational guides who can help you in your new phase are brought in. This should be seen as a good sign.

For those who find themselves in a void, we ask – what is keeping you from stepping into the new? What needs to be released so that you allow yourself to obtain the next level? Voids are personal and not felt by large groups at one time, you need to examine what is coming up while in this space. This is the key to you releasing these dense energies that keep you from fully embodying what is available.

I hope this transmission helps you on your journey and that my questions answer some of yours as well. We are in an amazing time with things changing very quickly for a lot of us. Keeping in mind that all is in our highest good helps keep the anxiety away.

Much love to you all,



**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

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