Dissolving or Rewriting the Contracts Created

Dissolving or Rewriting the Contracts Created

I had a session with a client recently that I felt was important to share and permission was granted. A client came to me looking for assistance to understand why he continuously chose women that would turn on him, become controlling and even use black magic. We had...
Working through the Incoming Energies

Working through the Incoming Energies

I shared this information with my aura cleanse group and felt called to share it with everyone. I hope that everyone enjoyed the equinox. It is the astrological new year as the sun returns to Aries. This is a long write-up, but there was so much to share! The Equinox...
New Codes incoming from the Sun!

New Codes incoming from the Sun!

In Meditation yesterday morning I was given a message to share with everyone from the Council of Light that I work with.  Two beings shared information as there was much excitement. First council member: “Many are feeling that the earth system and humanity are lost...

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