Humanity’s Healing Crisis

Humanity’s Healing Crisis

I was working with my spirit team recently and they shared with me that many of us are in a healing crisis right now. A Healing crisis is a term used when someone begins to address their hurts and trauma and this attention brings about a triggering of more to be...
Message from Jesus on the World affairs

Message from Jesus on the World affairs

Recently I had a dream and interaction with Jesus that I wanted to share.In the dream, I walked outside and on the cross street in front of  my house was this giant sink hole. It held boiling bubbling tar that reminded me of the tar pits that dinosaur were said to...
The Great Shift is Here

The Great Shift is Here

So much has shifted. In one moment there is greater ease and flow while simultaneously there is dis-ease and chaos. There is an energy that has been building,  pushing us into the unknown. A few weeks ago, Spirit shared that we would be moving into a new location. A...

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