Happy New Year everyone! I hope that your holiday season has been full of joy and laughter. I spent a lot of time just being. The upgrades that we have had over the past few weeks have been huge. Some are being given access to higher levels of light, higher guides and realms. It is a true testament to how much light has been anchored into the earth and into our very being.

Now is a great time to get in touch with your guides, your highest aspect, and your team of beings that assist you. Even if you can not see/hear/feel them, simply go into meditation with the intent of connecting with them. Bring white/gold light over you and into your being through your crown. Let it warm your entire being, feel the love that they have for you. Practice this connection often and you will find that it strengthens within you.

Emotionally we are being purged of  beliefs and conditioning that does not match nor can survive within the higher frequencies. These are being shown to us in multiple ways, dreams, memories rising, and even through triggers. These can feel overwhelming, but allow yourself a moment to take a step back and really process what is happening, what is being shown. What you see, the root cause is what you must then heal. It can take a great deal of honesty to really see what is taking place and then take actions to change things.

Don’t underestimate the power you have to heal yourself through honesty and self love. I recently had a memory surface where I had been cruel to my dog. I was 11 at the time. As an adult I can explain my actions. I was a child who was physically and emotionally abused, I simply treated my dog as I was treated. Yet that does nothing to heal the guilt and pain I felt as a child when the dog I loved cowered in fear because of my actions and anger. The memory that surfaced was of me sitting on a picnic table asking my dog to forgive me, which she did. Yet her forgiveness wasn’t enough. I needed to forgive me. So I went into the memory and walked up to me as a child and hugged her. I told her that I forgave her and loved her. I told her that her biggest fear didn’t come true, she didn’t abuse her children or other animals. She did not continue to do what had been done to her. She/I broke the family cycle of abuse. I held my younger self in my arms, we both cried as forgiveness and release washed over both of us.  You too have the power to heal yourself in this way. Just take it moment by moment, memory by memory.

With the deep work that is taking place around the clock, fears can arise. This can be frustrating when you thought that you have already faced and conquered them. When these rise, ask yourself what is it you need and want. For instance if your fear is of the current events happening in the world, ask yourself what is it I need and want? Do I want and need security and stability? Then turn it around into declarative sentences: I AM SECURE. I AM STABLE. I AM SAFE. Say these things until the fear recedes.

Physically these waves of light can really take a toll. So many are experiencing extreme exhaustion, joint pain, headaches, earaches with lots of ringing in ears, skin eruptions, and gastric upset. There are moments when the body stops digesting and what once satisfied it no longer does. There can also be bizarre food cravings. Some may find themselves “forgetting” to take their usual supplements. This is common during massive upgrades. Return to the supplements when you feel guided to. Above all listen to your body and what it needs. Walking this path means that you listen to you and your guidance above all. As a society we have been conditioned to give our power away to our government, religious figures, doctors, teachers and employers. Listening to your inner guidance is essential in taking back your power.

Yesterday, I barely moved and took  two naps during the day. I decided to do a shamanic journey as I rested in the sun and was immediately greeted by my guides, one by one as I walked the path to the sacred fire where I meet my “grandmother”.When I came up to the large fire, she greeted each of us with a cup of something. She said this was in toast to the big changes I was undergoing, but then they all laughed because they knew that I felt guilty for lying around and doing nothing all day. They said that if I understood what was taking place, that I would feel quite accomplished. I laughed with them because I had chided myself throughout the day that I needed to be doing something, anything.  It’s so funny how the human mind can make this process so much harder. While I honored my body’s need to rest, I didn’t honor the process taking place on an emotional/mental level. Work in progress 🙂

This morning I woke feeling energized and clear. In meditation I asked my team what we needed to understand moving forward. Quan Yin came forward and channeled a message. Before listening to the channeling, ask your crown and heart chakra to open fully so that you can absorb the frequencies that are being delivered in the message below.

Thank you to all who read and share this work. It means the world. Sending you all lots of love and blessings.




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