We would like to talk to you today about the changes that many feel are taking place in the world around them. The truth of these changes is varied and range from feeling blissful to feeling anxious and unsettled. The energy from the collective consciousness is being changed, challenged, and rectified. This is not an easy process, as what has lead to the dominating thought forms was not created over night.

As each belief and thought is being rewritten slowly it must too be released slowly. Those of you who are sensitive feel this release, however, understand that the feelings it brings up within may only cause distress if there is a piece of this thought within you. So while it may seem a burden to feel with wave after wave of energy that is pulling and pushing, much like your oceans, understand that it a gift that is showing you what is buried deep within, what must now be healed.  These patterns and beliefs being healed relate to your survival as a species, your basic needs, rights, and safety. As these are being reworked, rewritten it can manifest within as feelings of lack in all of it’s forms, concerns for your safety or the safety of those you love, and just a general feeling of unease. Know that you are completely safe and that nothing is being done to you without the permission of your highest self.

These will be felt largely in your lower chakras as these are the ones used through out the centuries for your survival. It is these chakras that must be cleared through out the collective. Some of you may be experiencing stomach disruption, bowel issues, lower back pains, and even problems with your hips and legs. The menstrual cycle may become disrupted or abnormally painful during this time as well. Your dreams may be unusually vivid and need to be looked at to show you what is so deeply hidden within you.  Understand that this is deep clearing that must take place so that the collective as a whole can move forward. As each of you heals these aspects within yourself, the collective heals and the thoughts and behavioral patterns will be rewritten within the group consciousness. Though immediate results are wanted, this process will take time to work its way through the population. It is important to understand that none of what is being released in the collective will affect you unless it finds a vibrational match within you.  This is your opportunity to see what needs to be changed, reworked, and rewritten in your life.

For some of you what is arising is simply showing you old thought patterns that need to be completely let go of. For others, what is being shown goes much deeper and will change everything for you. In order to honor who you are becoming, some of you will find yourselves making radical changes, huge leaps of faith, and steps that will put you on a path of realizing your own divinity. If your life is no longer providing you the joy that your soul needs to thrive, we ask you to listen to your urging and be bold and fearless. We ask you to test all decisions, that they be based on your heart’s desire and love for all, including yourself and not based on fear or the perception of lack. This is especially important with the energies that are intended to pull forth all that is not aligned with love. Act completely from your heart and turn away from all that no longer makes your heart sing. This definition will change many, many times on this process as you let go of who you thought your were and step into who you truly are. Some will look back amazed at the large life changes but yet feel that they are finally completely who they truly are meant to be.

With Love and deep respect for you,

Quan Yin

Personal Conversation with Quan Yin

Me: You speak of dreams and I had one where the roof was leaking and my walls were crumbling in the house. It was very vivid and upon talking with my higher self, she said that I had a fear that “things were too good to be true”. Is this the lack you were referring too?

Quan Yin: Yes, it is showing you a part of you that still distrusts the process and how far you have come. You are afraid at any moment that the walls will come tumbling down around you like a house of cards. I assure you that is not the case, but it is you who must believe.

Me: The past two mornings I have woken with my solar plexus charkra going crazy, spinning the wrong way and this nervous anxiety and almost nausea. Is this caused by the releasing taking place?

Quan Yin: Yes, while you are sleeping deep work is being done by your soul to help you release all that no longer serves you on this process. It is not uncommon for it to affect your chakras.

Me: I have noticed with my pets and others that they seem to be having stomach issues as well; vomiting, diarrhea. Do they feel the energy fluctuations and do they have density to clear as well?

Quan Yin: Animals including the wild ones transform energy just as your trees transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. They take on the negative, disruptive energy and then help to smooth it, transform it. Those who have pets in their home benefit greatly from their presence and the help they offer.

Me:  So they can become ill or upset?

Quan Yin: Yes, they may feel ungrounded, stomach upsets, lethargic, and may want to be near people or away from them during the mass energy waves that cause much to be released in the collective.

Me: Speaking of animals, I had a squirrel come up to me and stay while I talked with him about a foot away. I then went inside while he waited and got him a snack. It was amazing. Then in talking with friends they too have had interesting/amazing encounters with animals. One kept seeing caterpillars in her office building and another was able to pick up a crow that went into a person’s house. Others went into the ocean and were graced by a group of dolphins swimming by. What is going on? 

Quan Yin: In some cases the animals were divine messengers and their message needs to be looked into. Animals can sense the love that people hold for all that surrounds them. They understand more clearly then most how important it is that the changes take place in your world. They honor those that are making the changes to return to self. Understand that those honoring themselves and others shine brightly and it is visible to all who have eyes to see.

Me: Does this timing have anything to do with the Summer Solstice approaching?

Quan Yin: Yes, what better way to show that the light and dark in mankind is equal, not to be judged but accepted as each of you walks this journey then to clear that which no longer aligns.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle.



**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

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