I wanted to share with you an experience that I had recently in the hopes that it shines a light on what is taking place for some of us. I say some of us, because we are all at different stages and if this does not feel that it pertains to you in this moment, you may find that it will in the future.  I asked my team if it were appropriate to share this experience and was told yes, that it helps to open the door of possibility for others. Every day it is becoming clearer that the only thing that limits us is our ability or inability to see the possibilities.

I woke the other morning feeling off, not quite grounded, not quite sure of what my next steps could be or where I would even find the next step. With these thoughts, anxiety bloomed through my system and I could feel the fight vs flight reaction kick in. So I relaxed myself, went into a meditative state and as often happens I found myself pulled into session with my Ascension team. Understand, that what I see may be different than what another sees as we each must interpret through our own filters.

First I was shown the earth and the new grid that surrounds her now. To me the grid looks pink, much like a rose quartz crystal. It radiates peace, love and a beautiful balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.  I have noticed this grid for quite a while, I have been seeing it get stronger and stronger as more and more energies not only help support it but anchor it into this reality.  I have on many occasions tapped into this grid with an open heart and have been overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of it and the love I received.  The main difference I saw in this moment was how much clearer and stronger it looked. It simply glowed and pulsed with life.

I continued looking at it to see what else may have changed when they drew my attention to my body.  I then saw my body in its entirety as if there were two of me there, one observing and the one standing there, love our multidimensional abilities!  As I looked at my body, I noticed a line of green in my lower back area, this was then ripped out of my form. (Thankfully I felt nothing). Then I saw a blue grid covering about 15% of my body, it was incomplete as if lots of pieces had been removed before. This too was ripped from my form. Then I saw a yellow grid and this one covered about 25% my body, from my waist down my left leg. Again it was ripped from my form.  I stood there a little shocked and confused, not understanding. My team then smiled and said “connect with the new energy grid”. As I connected and allowed the incredible love to pour into my heart charka I saw my entire being light up, the pink grid was now inside of me, a part of me. I then began to understand, our job is to anchor it in to ourselves, WE ARE THE GRID OF THE NEW EARTH.

I then started to question what had been removed from my form. The green line was the last remnant of the 3rd dimensional grid, I found it interesting that it was in my lower back, a point of injury. It contained my limiting beliefs on my back and its ability to heal. The blue grid removed from my body was 4D thoughts and beliefs that were still lingering and holding me back. I then questioned about the yellow grid and was told that it held 5D and higher frequencies. This was confusing to me as I didn’t understand why this would be removed and why it was only half there to begin with. They explained that the grid in my form held distorted beliefs and possible timelines that did not match the frequencies of the new earth. They also explained that the more I expanded and embodied my soul, the more this grid naturally dismantled itself, as I no longer carried the energies that match it. This grid held all the misinformation we have been told about how the New Earth would be, how it would look, how the people will act…when I think about how much info has been given on this and how many times it has changed, I totally got it. This grid also held the distortion carried over from this and past lifetimes that we must sacrifice in order to obtain enlightenment. That we must lose all we hold dear as some of us have done in previous incarnations.  This grid also carried with it the “rules” of ascension which has given birth to the spiritual ego and is simply an extension of duality.  So, while this grid carried a beautiful higher vibration, it was tainted by the lower frequencies and the limiting thoughts and beliefs carried over.  This distorted 5D grid did not allow for full possibilities of existence.

We are all being asked to let go of these limiting beliefs, the duality, and the fear. The New Earth is here, it is accessible, it is us who must bring it into our form and anchor it in. We must also let go of the belief that it is a destination to be had, when in fact it is a vibration. We must let go of the belief that we & the earth will be saved by someone outside of us. It is us who will save the earth by accessing our unlimited potential to heal ourselves and our world by simply embodying our soul and anchoring source light here and now.  We have gotten glimpses of the potential to heal with studies such as Dr. Emoto’s water experiments. We have been told over and over again that if we really understood our full potential as creator beings that nothing could harm us.  It is time to walk in that knowledge, to really see ourselves for who we are.

I talked with my team and asked my human questions about whether I would still experience moments of uncertainty and doubt. Would everything always flow perfectly? I received a smile and was told that what I was asking for is perfection (as I viewed it) and perfection does not allow for continued soul growth.  It was explained to me that while there may still be bumps in the road, I would be shown very quickly and clearly where a choice was not leading me in the right direction. That anything I attempted that contained the energy of sacrifice or lack would quickly fall apart as it cannot stand in the higher energies. That as long as I stayed observant and in my heart, that I would be shown things so that I could move beyond them and continue my soul growth.  The thought that life on the New Earth would be perfect is part of the distortion that had to be removed. Instead, we are being asked to see that all is working as it should for our soul growth. Simply put, just because you graduated school, doesn’t mean that you stop growing and learning, it is just in a different way, a new platform.

We are being asked again and again to love ourselves and others as we love Source.  To see that we cannot proclaim oneness if there is still us vs them, the awakened vs the asleep, the light vs the dark alive within us. We cannot anchor in the New Earth grid into our being if we still hold onto these limiting thoughts. We also cannot anchor in the New Earth grid if we are not loving ourselves completely which means not allowing others to take us for granted or playing the game of wanting to be liked by all. It is being very comfortable with boundaries and that you can love others unconditionally from afar if need be. It is understanding that another’s perception of you will always go through their filters and it is not your job to change them.  It is knowing that when you walk fully into your heart centered power that you will change all around you. Instead of your vibration lowering near others, you then create a doorway, a pathway for another to follow- if they choose, simply by being you.

The human mind struggles with duality. It struggles with the thought that one must allow each to awaken in their own time, especially those we love dearly.  When these thoughts and fears arise, open your heart and feel the truth… it is all working as it should. Relax into it and allow. Below is a video that addresses how to move beyond duality.

I hope that my sharing my experience helps you to move beyond the limitations that we have created within. Ask your team for help and give full permission with removing what no longer serves you. It does not matter if you don’ see, hear or know your team, they know you.  Until next time, I’m sending us all the love we can handle.




**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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