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Have you always known deep down that fairies exist?  Have you felt that the trees can heal us?  Have you always believed that there is so much more to the world than meets the physical eye?

If so this course is for you! It will take you on a journey of tapping into the nature spirits, but more importantly it will take you on a journey deeper into yourself. The knowledge and practical exercises will help you open to the world of the elementals and to your extra-sensory abilities.

The Nature Spirits are the elemental keepers of earth and have incredible knowledge to share. These beings are not separate from us. THEY ARE US.   We each have aspects within the elemental realm. This will become and more apparent as we continue to bring in the energies of Lemuria into our present world.

This course will help you to open to their realm and tap into that ancient knowledge that is stored deep within you waiting to come on line. 

Nature Spirits hold the Original Divine Blueprint, connecting with them helps us to access our own original template. When one connects with these beings it can feel like a return of magic, a return of self, and the return of endless possibilities.

An online self-study course with Jenny Schiltz


Connecting with the Nature Spirits

You will connect with the Elemental Kingdom and really understand their essential influence in our lives.


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Module I

In this module you will be introduced to what a nature spirit/elemental is, what we know of their origin and history. We will also look at why humanity has disconnected from the elementals and what caused this. You will also be introduced to the angels that govern each elemental group and guided through connecting to their energies. Exercises will help you to tap into any unconscious belief systems you may have that prevent connection on the level you consciously want.

Module II

Now that you have understood the history from Module 1, we will go in-depth with each grouping. You will learn more about the earth, air, water, and fire elementals. We will also look at the animal spirits and their connection to the Fairy realms. Exercises are designed to help you to begin to connect to each of the groups and open you more and more to the unseen world.

Module III

The next two weeks are dedicated to building a deep connection with the nature spirits. You will learn ways to connect with them and where they live. You will also learn how to build a lifelong relationship with them that will help to support you on your journey. Exercises are more hands on as you connect even deeper within and by creating a fairy ring and simple ceremony.

Module IV

The next two weeks we will take all the knowledge you have learned about the elementals and yourself and apply it to your world. You will be shown ways that the elements influence us from astrological signs to the tarot. You will be guided to see which element is dominate within you in this moment and how to bring in the other elements to achieve balance. You will also learn ways that the nature spirits can assist your physical and emotional healing. Exercises will show you ways that you can heal and protect yourself with the earth energy and the  elementals.

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Access to the Return to Self learning environment for self-study where you will access the modules information and listen to the lessons. 


Practical Exercises, meditations, techniques, and advice.

Access to a facebook group where you can share your pictures of exercises, connect with others and ask questions.

This course is jam packed with information waiting to be explored!

You will learn:

  • A core understanding of the elemental kingdom and how they communicate
  • Why our connection to the nature spirits is vital for our mental, emotional, and physical well-being
  • How to be still, observe, and connect
  • Look deep within to uncover and dissolve resistance you may have to tapping into this realm
  • How to use observation of the animals and nature as a way for Spirit to communicate with you
  • Which elemental type is one of your guides
  • Ways that you can assist the nature spirits and they can assist you.





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