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A self-study online course to help you Heal and Integrate your Shadow


Our shadow aspect is an essential part of who we are and to find balance and truth, we need to understand what it is, how it was created and why it is so important to unearth it from the subconscious and bring it to light. 

In this course, you will learn all about your shadow, including the present aspects and the past ones.


An incredible journey to fully integrate and understand how embracing your shadow is the way to love

With this Self-study Online Course you will:

Learn how to work with heal and integrate your shadow.


Learn what the shadow aspect is, how it was created and why it is so important to unearth it from the subconscious and bring it to light.


Learn that the shadow aspects may hold a strong creative energy waiting to be tapped into.


The shadow may hold your magic


Learn how anything even spirituality can create a shadow aspect


Learn how to work with, heal and integrate your shadow aspects with a technique that was taught to me by my guides


Learn how past lives affect us now and can keep us locked into patterns until we heal it.


Use the guided meditation to explore past lives that are needing to be seen and understood


Participate in a guided healing meditation that helps to remove any cords, vows and oaths we may have created in a past life and the programming they hold.

Enroll now and start today!

After taking this course, I had a better understanding about how my shadow and past lives still had an effect on me. Once Jenny taught me how to work with these aspects in a way that felt safe and even enjoyable, I felt a great weight lift from me. She teaches us to honor and embrace all of the parts of us, so that we can return to a state of wholeness and peace!

Kelsey Kuehl


Access to the Return to Self learning environment for self-study where you will be able to engage with the lessons recorded audios and slide show.

Enter the Return to Self Academy and create your own user, then you will be able to enroll and access this complete course:

Enroll for the self-study Online Course Only - $55 usd


Self-study Online Course: Exploring the Unconscious Shadow

Module I – Our shadow self

Module II – Spirituality and the shadow

Module III – Working with the shadow

Module IV – Exploring the past lives that make up our unconscious

Register Now and be part of this amazing journey to help you start integrating your Shadow.

Get this course +1 more in the “Inner Self Bundle”

Course: Exploring your Unconscious Shadow
Course: Healing your Inner Child

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Wait! You can take advantage of the ultimate special offer: The Complete Soul Mentoring Program with an ALL ACCESS Pass

Get this course +5 more enrolling in the “Soul Mentoring Program: All Access Pass”

All 6 courses for only $197 usd

  • Course: Understanding Spirit Communication
  • Course: Connecting with your Spiritual Team
  • Course: Being an Empath is a Super Power
  • Course: Self Care for the Energetically Sensitive
  • Course: Healing your Inner Child
  • Course: Exploring the Unconscious Shadow
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Available Now

You will be able to access and study your course at your pace and at any given time.

24/7 the study material will be available for you.

This course is for you if:

  • You feel ready to explore all of your aspects so that they may be integrated
  • You are aware that what is hidden in your subconscious (from this life or past) could be creating patterns that continue such as self-sabotage or being able to move forward in life.
  • You are ready to find the part of you that holds your magic and to embrace all that you are.

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