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A self-study online course to help you unleash your imagination and heal your inner child


Our healed inner children hold our magic. They hold our incredible imagination & creativity. When our inner children hold things such as trauma, sadness, or a feeling of not being enough, it becomes exhibited in our daily life. 

Healing your inner children is the greatest gift you can give yourself

With this Self-study Online Course you will:

Learn how the unhealed inner child shows itself in our daily life


Learn how we use external things to fill the hole the wounded child creates


Learn multiple techniques to access your inner child including a technique taught to me by my guides.


Learn to build a relationship with your inner children that is healing and nourishing


Learn to allow your inner child to show you the beauty of who you are in the purest form.


Learn to understand that the inner child holds the part of us that we need to tap into so that we can remember to be free & to play which is the natural state of our soul


Learn to understand that the healthy, happy inner child is the door way to the highest aspect.

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Jenny’s course on healing your inner child guides you on a truly deep and profound journey.  She helps you understand your relationship with the parts of you that need nourishing attention, love, and assistance. She guides you as you identify the wounded parts of yourself, and then teaches you the steps to take towards healing. As a counselor, I studied inner child work, but Jenny’s understanding of it took my understanding to a much deeper, accessible level. If you are ready to commit to healing your inner child, this course will lead the way—setting you on the path to profound healing.

Noel Kemeny

The inner child course is designed for those who are ready to break past the events in their past and stop allowing them to control their present and future. The course isn’t for the faint of heart but if you are ready it can help you reach a whole new level of empowerment within your life. Aspects of our inner child are always within us, whether they are at peace or still in constant turmoil, is up to us.

Nikki P

I think each of us have memories from childhood that were full of pain and fear. We also have moments where we experienced great wonder and awe. In this course, I learned to embrace and heal the parts of my childhood that caused me suffering.  I also learned to embrace the part of me that was yearning to reconnect to nature, magic, innocence and play.

Kelsey Kuehl


  • Access to the Return to Self learning environment for self-study where you will be able to engage with the lessons recorded audios and slide show.

Enter the Return to Self Academy and create your own user, then you will be able to enroll and access this complete course:

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Self-study Online Course: Heal Your Inner Child

Module I – Bringing the subconscious to light

Module II – Things to keep in mind

Module III – Ways to work with the inner child

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Course: Exploring your Unconscious Shadow
Course: Healing your Inner Child

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  • Course: Understanding Spirit Communication
  • Course: Connecting with your Spiritual Team
  • Course: Being an Empath is a Super Power
  • Course: Self Care for the Energetically Sensitive
  • Course: Healing your Inner Child
  • Course: Exploring the Unconscious Shadow
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Available Now

You will be able to access and study your course at your pace and at any given time.

24/7 the study material will be available for you.

This Course is for you if:

  • You have had a difficult childhood
  • You keep repeating the same patterns in relationships, jobs, and in behaviors
  • You want to develop a relationship with your inner child

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