Aura Cleansing & Energizing 

Help keep your Aura cleansed and energized this by signing up for 2x a week distance energy sessions!

Utilizing a holodeck transformer shown to me by the Arcturians and the SRC4U program your aura will be cleared of things that create imbalance from negative energies and environmental disruptors. 

If negative energy signals can be created from Wi-Fi, cell towers, microwaves and discordant frequencies, the laws of nature must support the creation of positive energy signals. The SRC4U sends positive energy signals to interact with the signals emitted by all human beings with the intention of balancing those signals and creating an environment in which the immune system can operate optimally.

You do not need to connect with me at a set time, you only need to be open to the positive energy signals that will help to clear, strengthen and energize your aura!

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With the turbulent energies swirling around it has become more important than ever to help keep ourselves clear, balanced and as full of light as we can. Sign up for this distance healing that will be sent every Monday and Thursday through the quantum field.   


We’ve transitioned to a new platform for registration that will allow you to either purchase one month at a time or create a membership subscription! The cost is the same but the benefits you receive are more!

        • Create your own members account where you can add or subtract loved ones and pets on a monthly basis.
        • Dedicated area where all the aura cleansing updates are posted 2 x weekly.  You will have access to all previous aura cleansing write ups as well.
        • You can leave comments on the cleansing and read other’s comments.

We look forward to sharing this new experience with you! 

Look what people are saying!

“I signed up for Jenny’s ‘aura cleansing’ offer, primarily because I have worked with Jenny before and find her so authentic, committed and focused. The idea of a collective aura cleansing is very quantum and exciting and what really resonates with me is the very in-depth, detailed reports that Jenny emails to each of us afterwards which help me understand my whole healing process more. And for a twice-weekly ‘cleanse’, I think it’s a very fair price! I have recommended it to friends that they try it for a month…and I think I’m on my third month now! The biggest difference for me is that since I signed up I’ve been feeling a lot lighter and happier! So bless you Jenny for your Love, your intention and your amazing gifts!” 🙏 – Janie Sindall

“Jenny, with the current energies, plus this being a stressful time in my life right now with many big life changes, I know my animals have been working extra hard to help keep us all clear and healthy spiritually, mentally and physically. I am not sure we could have done it without the support of your twice weekly aura clearings for me and my pets! I have noticed that they help to reduce everyone’s anxiety as well as negative behaviors, while bringing in more peace and harmony.” Karla Nicol

“I’ve been participating in the 2x weekly Aura Cleansing and Energizing for the last several months. It came at a perfect time as I was taking yet another deep dive into my own health and healing. There are many things I have incorporated on a recurring basis (massage, mind/body therapy) to help support my health in keeping things clear and moving. Her Aura Cleansing and Energizing program has become part of that!  I personally feel so much support and love from the Aura Cleansing. Jenny’s write-ups about what she sees and feels during the cleansings are always so beautifully written. She pours her soul into her words. I continue to be amazed at how articulate she is with the deep information she receives, and then how she thoughtfully conveys that to us in an understandable manner. I can’t think of many others that I’d want to have this energy exchange with as I feel very aligned with her work. I’ve followed her work for several years, signing up for many wonderful healing circles, so naturally was excited to be a part of this program. Anyone looking for additional support in their journey will only benefit from the 2x weekly Aura Cleansing and Energizing. I’m honored to be a part of it. I can’t thank you enough, Jenny!” – Elizabeth Brulia

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