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Explore and Anchor the Energies of Wild & Mystical Egypt

The call to Egypt is the call of the Goddess. It is a call to explore the beauty, the mystery, and your connection to Isis.

On this Sacred Sojourn we will connect with the ancient wisdom, the land and the part of you that remembers that sacred important time. We will allow the energies of the land to open us deeper than we have been before, helping us to heal.

Heal past lives, karmic patterning and limitations as we activate Sacred Source codes for personal, collective, and planetary healing. 

An 11 day journey of a lifetime with Jenny & Danny Schiltz


 Sacred Egyptian Sojourn


We will dive into the Sacred Energies & Mysteries of Egypt

as we visit:


Great Pyramids – including a private tour!


The Sphinx


Many Sacred Temples


(including ones dedicated to Isis, Osiris, Horus, & the Hathors)


We will Cruise the Nile and


Connect with the Red Sea to ease the integration & connect with the goddess.

Open yourself to the possibilities!

*Receive DNA Activations

*Recall Ancient Lives

*Receive Insights & Revelations

*Connect with your Soul Tribe

*Have an experience of a lifetime

We will explore the energies of Isis and Osiris – the energies of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Union

This will help us open within, uncovering our inner incredible union of our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine.  

The energies of the land will open us to greater depths than we have been before as we heal our past lives of karmic patterning and limitations.

We will activate within ourselves the Sacred Source Codes for personal, collective, and planetary healing.

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Your Package Includes:

10 nights in Wild & Mystical Egypt

including private access to the Great Pyramid!

We will have the privilege of being inside one of the surviving wonders of the ancient world. Here we will connect and hold an opening ceremony for this trip. We will then feel the energies of the past while enjoying a breathtaking sunrise by the pyramids.

Choice of Shared or Private accommodations in hotels chosen to support our travel needs, location, and energies.

Included Meals:

<< 10 Breakfasts >>

<< 3 Lunches >>

<< 4 Dinners >>


<< You will be met by a guide at the airport that will assist you with luggage & arriving to the beginning hotel.  >>


<< Private Air-conditioned Transportation >>

<< All entrance fees >>

<< All in-country airfare >>


<< Dedicated Egyptologist Guide >>


<< Group ceremonies, healing & meditations as we dive into the energies >>

<< Personal Wisdom and Friendship from Jenny & Dan >>


Not included:

International airfare



Travel Insurance

Optional activities such as hot air balloon and snorkeling

Food and drink on the route other than noted as included.

Phone calls/Laundry/incidentals.

Space is limited. I hasten you to commit if you are feeling the call wild and mystical Egypt.

Sites that we will visit:

Click on each box for more information

CAIRO - Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, & Saqqara Complex

We begin our journey in Cairo, where we will visit the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx ​& Saqqara Complex.

We will have a private tour and meditation time within the Great Pyramid!

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Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world. Its metropolitan area, with a population of over 25 million, is the largest in Africa, the Arab world, the Middle East, and the 6th-largest in the world. Cairo is associated with ancient Egypt, as the famous Giza pyramid complex and the ancient city of Memphis are located in its geographical area. Located near the Nile Delta, It was founded in 969 AD by the Fatimid dynasty, but the land composing the present-day city was the site of ancient national capitals whose remnants remain visible in parts of Old Cairo. Cairo has long been a centre of the region’s political and cultural life, and is titled “the city of a thousand minarets” for its preponderance of Islamic architecture. 

It has the oldest and largest film and music industries in the Arab world, as well as the world’s second-oldest institution of higher learning, Al-Azhar University. Many international media, businesses, and organizations have regional headquarters in the city; the Arab League has had its headquarters in Cairo for most of its existence.

At its heart is Tahrir Square and the vast Egyptian Museum, a trove of antiquities including royal mummies and gilded King Tutankhamun artifacts. Nearby, Giza is the site of the iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx, dating to the 26th century BC.    – Egypt Tour Specialists

ASWAN - Temple of Philae (Isis), the High Dam, & temples of Abu Simbel

We continue on our journey to the Temple of Philae. This temple has the vibration of Mother Isis. It is believed that Isis found Osiris’s heart at Philae. It signifies the resurrection of the Divine Masculine.

We will also visit the High Dam, an engineering marvel & the marvelous temples of Abu Simbel. In Abu Simbel, we will visit the temples of Ramesis & Nefertari, a beloved queen. The temple holds the frequency of love.

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Kom Ombo

We will explore the Temples of Sobek & Horus and dive into those energies. The energy of this temple holds the kundalini energy of Sobek, the Crocodile-headed Deity, and the energies of the Elder – Horus. These represent the merging of the lower & higher self.


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Karnak & Edfu temple

We will continue sailing on the Nile towards Luxor, where we will visit the Karnak temple. The Karnak temple is considered one of the most sacred sites of Egypt and the place of the gods. The temple is claimed to be built at the spot where Ptah, the creator god, began his work of creation.

We will also be visiting the Edfu temple – which is a temple dedicated to Horus. 

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Abydos & the Temple of Hathor

Abydos was considered the most religious site in the Ancient World.  It is believed to be the burial place of Osiris, the god of the underworld and Isis’s love. 

** It is also believed to be an Ancient Stargate, an opening to the next world. 

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The Temple of Hathor in Dendera is dedicated to the goddess Hathor. Hathor was revered as a mother goddess and was seen as a protector and nurturer of the pharaoh and the Egyptian people. She was particularly associated with fertility and motherhood and was thought to embody the nurturing and caring aspects of the feminine principle. 

Valley of the Kings & Hatshepsut

The Valley of the Kings is the royal burial ground for pharaohs & their families.

There will be an optional hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings. 

We will also be visiting Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut was also the “God’s Wife of Amun,” a politically powerful and spiritually significant title in ancient Egyptian society. She performed important rituals during ceremonies and festivals at Karnak temple.


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The city of Hurghada is located on the Red Sea coast of Egypt and is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Red Sea was a mystical and sacred place, and it was often associated with the goddess Isis. 

Here we will spend a few days on the Red Sea integrating the energies that we received and working with the sacred waters.

A day excursion to snorkel the Red Sea is optional. 

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10 Nights and 11 Days of Sacred Travel

Come and be part of this beautiful Divine Journey through these Sacred lands

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Meet your Sacred Journey Guides:

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Meet your Guides – Jenny & Dan Schiltz:

We have been Divine Partners for over 30 years, raised four girls, and now have four grandchildren. As a couple, our healing journey began the moment we met. We have loved each other through the ups and downs and shifts of life while growing and pushing each other to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. 

 Now, we have joined as Divine Healing Partners, training on various modalities and plant and jungle medicines that have shifted and awakened us to even deeper levels within ourselves and our relationship. 

I have been immersed in the healing and plant medicine world as a Shamanic practitioner, channel, and intuitive guide for over a decade, helping many clients all over the globe.  Besides being my rock through my spiritual journey, Dan is a contractor who has brought many of my physical visions to life. He has now become my partner in healing others. He has been working with plant medicines for three years, assisted with Sacred Journeys, and brings a grounded, practical approach to healing work.

Together we bring a beautiful combination of Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and the Divine Union. 

A beautiful Divine Journey through these Sacred lands with wonderfully comfortable accommodation and private transport.

A unique, intimate small group to maximize our work and experience together.

Register now and reserve a spot for your most spectacular journey of 2024

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