The energy is high and it will continue at this intensity for a few more days. We entered a portal area and while intense it is really a great opportunity. With this portal we are able to integrate very high frequencies that change everything about us. This energy is asking that we put away our masks, face our shadow, and start co-creating from the heart space.
We are receiving tremendous support at this time and many are experiencing visions, dreams, and messages. Pay attention. Pay attention to the animal messages, the angel numbers, the thoughts you have that inspire, the images we perceive with our third eye. Write these moments down, they are here to help you, to guide you into the new.
Anything that is out of balance within you is coming to a head to be seen. That quiet whisper is becoming a roar so that you can no longer deny it. It is in these moments that we choose to either see and act or bury it down again. Sometimes simply acknowledging the truth of a situation brings about tremendous growth. This portal is a choice point, how ready are we to move beyond the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are keeping us from our truth. How far we grow, how far we reach during this time is up to us.
This energy can make one feel very anxious and fearful. Talk to your body and tell it that it will be fine, that all is as it should be. Headaches, neck, teeth, moments of blurry vision and jaw pain not uncommon with these super high energies, our body is doing its best to keep up. Do what your body asks. If you have nervous energy, go for a walk, do yoga or some other exercise program. For those stuck in house with the weather, go on youtube and find a yoga class and do this with the intention of moving energy through you. For those who can barely keep your eyes open, REST. It is how the body integrates the higher energies.
Other ways to cope are salt and crystal baths, using flower essences, mediation and other energy work. I find that smelling cut flowers always calms me down when I can’t get outside.
Much love & Blessings to you all! We are in amazing times <3




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