Anyone else feel like they have a spiritual hangover today? I was thinking that it was because I spent the weekend at a shamanic workshop, but I am told by my guides that many are feeling the same.

The full moon energies were particularly strong because their purpose is to help align people with what is needed moving forward. For some this is seen as a coming together of things, AH-HA moments, a feeling of being in alignment and that all is well. For others, this alignment can look like destruction as all that is not serving you is showing its face. It is like a screaming child that just keeps getting louder when ignored.  Take a look and see what has worked for you and what has not.

You may find that many around you are mirroring what is taking place inside you at this moment. All that you see out of alignment within another is an opportunity to look at what is out of alignment within you. You may find similar themes at play. Pay attention to the advice you are giving and see where you might apply the same information to yourself.

Mirroring is often found very strongly in our children. When they are restless and bored and we say “go outside!” this is wonderful advice for ourselves as well. We often underestimate the impact of energy on children, especially those we know that vibrate high. Yet it is these high vibrating souls that feel the disharmony in the world even more deeply. They feel when tensions are high and people are clearing. I have found that in times like this, routine is very important in the life of my 7 year old. Deviations in the routine cause anxiety because their system is already over loaded from all the swirling changes.

Pets may be clingy and showing signs of physical distress too. I know we are really receiving tremendous energy when my dogs belly starts rumbling and she is outside more than normal. Pets are simply angels on earth. Our cats help to equalize our vibration with their purr and dogs tend to be the steady companion, ready to be near you, acting as a stabilizer. All animals are clearing their density right now as well as helping us clear ours. It is no small task they have taken on. It is also not uncommon to have a pet as your guide on earth.

Physically we are receiving energetic downloads that upgrade our entire electrical system. For some this brings stomach issues and flu like symptoms.  For many it is headaches, ear ringing and dizziness as the body reacts to the expansion of light within its form. Dreams are still playing a very important part as we are still clearing timelines, contracts, agreements and past lives.  You may be seeing a pattern with the solar flares and coronal mass ejections. Solar flares are like being at a night club when the music is pumping loud. Some will feel completely pumped up and happy, others will experience rush of energy and then find themselves over loaded and wanting to go home. Others are turned off the moment they step in the door and are cranky, uncomfortable, and the body wants to shut down. With the Coronal Mass ejections some may feel deep peace and an inner knowing that all is ok and some will find themselves receiving incredible insights on direction and purpose. Others may experience this energy as needing to sleep deeply as the body is releasing denser cellular memory. Whatever you are feeling and to whatever degree is perfect for you at this time and trust that all is ok.

This is a very intense time that we are going through right now and it is clearing out all that it can for the massive wave of energy that will begin building during the 2nd week of March, peaking and holding in the 3rd week of March until mid-April. This wave is designed to awaken those not yet awakened as well as pushing more into the 5th Dimensional vibrational frequency. For those who have made it past that threshold this wave helps us embody more of our soul. Think upon this period as the last month prior to a triathlon, it is when the training gets really intense and you push yourself to the max so that you have the endurance to make it through the race.

Each of us will be feeling these energies differently depending on where you are in this process and how your body handles the energies. Don’t get lost in judging or comparing yourself against others because this is your journey and no two journeys are alike.  Be gentle with yourself and others as we are all part of an incredible evolutionary change.


I also wanted to share with you an extraordinary interaction I had. About a month ago I was asked if I would allow two beings who said their race is called Meentaurs to observe life on earth through me, my personal hologram.  I agreed and periodically they would come and ask questions and offer observations. They came to me yesterday morning, saying that they had concluded their observations and I asked what they had learned. This is their reply:

“Humans are remarkably resilient. Even the slightest flicker of source within is able to sustain hope, even with the ego blocking it. When the human knows that this spark is within and seeks to expand it, this is miraculous to see. They are able to walk with love and faith even amidst all the noise.  We saw source energy expand by smiling, laughter, prayers and gratitude. When it is realized the human becomes truly beautiful.”

Sending you all lots of love and blessings <3 <3 <3



**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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