The energy is simply amazing right now and we are in a deep period of integration. What this looks like varies per person and where they are in this process. We are collectively working on integrating past lives and timelines. This helps us to see that we have done some many things and been so many things before that if we judge another, we are judging ourselves. Some are integrating the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine into their being, bringing balance. Others are working on bringing the lower chakras into alignment with the higher ones. Many of the first wavers and pioneers are working on bringing more of their solar aspect into their form. Those who are working on the crystalline grid are helping to strengthen the grids in the 6D and beyond. This is a really busy time.

When speaking with guides about this time they explained it in an analogy that I understood. Right now is the time we are cramming for the upcoming exams, turning in assignments and last minute things at the end of a school year. (Clearing density, cutting cords, making life changes etc.) Starting in just a few days we will be receiving a huge wave of energy that will help propel people in the direction needed for their own personal growth. This wave is the end of year exams for whatever level you preside at in this moment. Just like with school work, what you get from the wave will be determined by the amount of work done prior and what level you are at. That is why this time period is important. It is our time to ready ourselves so that we may utilize as much of the light coming in as possible.

Working with some of the beautiful beings that are helping us during this process, I was shown an observatory of sorts. We looked through a stone archway and it showed clearly planets aligning in a particular formation. It was explained to me that never before have the planets aligned in this way as we are in a new position in the galaxy. At the end of the row of planets, was this light and it was shining brightly. It was explained that this is a sun, which is sending us codes that we have never experienced before. The alignment of the planets allows these codes to stream in unfettered.  These codes have the ability to change everything, we just have to be willing to release all that we have held onto. We must be willing to embrace the changes and push ourselves into this new space. As a friend of mine said it is either fear or faith, there is no in-between. It was shown to me that now is the time to act on our hearts desire, to be brave and dream wide open without fear. That these energies are supporting us to move towards our highest desire and potential. We must be strong enough to jump when we feel guided or inspired. It was told to me that all things will work out.

Hearing those words brought out all those things I have wanted to see, do, and achieve in this lifetime. The human in us wants things NOW, we want proof and instant results. Spirit quietly understands that all things unfold at the best time and for our optimum growth. Spirit also knows that we have a limited perspective and are unable to see why some dreams and goals fail and others thrive. This is where faith and trust come in.  What we cannot do is go into doubt, fear, and lack. When we do, we pull all the old programming forward into this now, effectively recreating it and blocking the flow of energy.

As we go into this very significant time of the equinox and lunar eclipse, take a moment and write down all that you want in the future and all that you are ready to leave behind. See where you have grown and appreciate yourself. When you focus on your progress you will begin to see areas of your growth you couldn’t even imagine before.

Physically so much is going on. My little one was down last weekend with a nasty cough and high fever. She has been dreaming so much lately and I know that she too is clearing past lives and timelines. I told her to “Ask the Angels for healing and give them permission to heal you in all ways”. She did and much to my surprise Archangel Jophiel came in and covered her chest in a beautiful blue light. I asked why she was the one who came in to facilitate healing and her response was that she was helping my daughter to release the thoughts and patterns that have kept her from seeing the beauty in life. Some of these patterns were from past lives. We tend to look at our children as new beings when in fact they may be old souls that are working on self, just like us.  Know that we are always given the help we need when we ask and give permission to be helped in all ways. Understand that sometimes the help comes wrapped in lessons and exchanges that are not pleasant but facilitate our growth. As we go through this it can be hard to see, but looking back and seeing the changes that occurred because of something unpleasant helps us to trust in this process more.

My highest aspect urged me over the last week to rest more and to lighten my load and expectations. I didn’t listen and kept up my caretaker role, tending to everyone but myself. I found myself knocked down with a virus and slept for two days only rousing myself briefly. During this downtime, so many upgrades were taking place and the integration was simply amazing. Sleep eases this process and if I had allowed my body to rest more I doubt I would have gotten sick. It showed me where I still have programming within that needs changing so that I make myself and this process a priority. After two days I woke very clear, rested and ready to take on the world, the DNA upgrades, downloads, and integration complete for this moment.

Many are having a hard time with the energies, physically and mentally. Cranial pressure has increased as has the toning in the ears. Teeth pain is very common as are dreams involving losing teeth. Many are experiencing lower limb pain, hips, lower back, and knees.  Foot pain is also common as we ground ourselves into higher frequencies and the foot chakra becomes active.  Mentally many are feeling depressed, lost and full of doubt. This is the ego not wanting to give up its strong hold as you embody more and more of your soul. Often it is during the times that we need the most help that we feel completely disconnected from source. Know that your team is always there ready to offer assistance when given permission. So even though you may feel alone and neglected you are not. Ask your heart chakra to open and for all of you to align with source, deep breathe and feel the love that is being given. You are never alone.

I hope that this finds you handling the energies like a surfer riding a ride and not in the white wash being tossed about. If you are feeling rough, know that this will pass and that the energies are streaming in to assist you in all ways. You are very loved and your particular vibration, your note in the universe is needed.

Sending you all love and blessings,




**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **



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