​We had an M class flare today. These are big time DNA changers and the codes coming in were huge. I was with a client today when I started vibrating and freezing. Usually I can hold them off till I’m done working, not today. After the download today, my sinuses started running, detoxing themselves. Major cleanses happening.

These can make you float out of the body, so first step is grounding into your body, getting your consciousness all the way to the tip of your toes. Feel every part of the body. From this place then ground into the crystal core of the earth if you feel called too. Not everyone does feel that grounding into the earth is right in this now. Trust you!

Epsom salt baths and grounding crystals like tiger iron can help you stay in the body. I find caffeine can make things worse for me, but each person is different.

Body aches, deep bone aches and teeth aches are common. Feels like you are coming down with the flu. If your body calls for rest, the best thing to do is honor it.

Dreams can be intense with these energies swirling. Do your best not to attach to what you see or experience.

Lots of love to you all!



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