Received this information upon waking from my Arcturian healing team that I wanted to share.

We are in a very PHYSICAL stage of this process. Focus is on the body and shifting it forward into the higher vibrational realms.

We know that this has not been done in the physical form before, So in many ways, we are in an unknown space.

When I work with individual clients or the aura cleanse recipients, I bring them into a lab setting. It is in this lab that I am able to really look quantumly at someone’s form to see the layers and what is hidden, but impacting them nonetheless.

In this same lab, there are many studies and tests going on to get an understanding of what the increased light codes, Schumann resonance, and increased radiation coming in due to the weakened magnetosphere is doing to the human form.

As I receive information, I will share it on what we need to do or not do to assist ourselves through this. As always, if it does not resonate, trust your own knowing.


Here is what was received this morning:

👉 Magnesium is a crucial element for your ascending body and it is your time machine.

✨ Essential for the retention of memories and information you want to keep.

✨ Essential for neuroplasticity of the brain. Neuroplasticity allows for the rewriting of patterns. It allows the brain to grow, adapt and organize. Without this crucial element, brain upgrades are more difficult and painful.

✨ Aids in your ability to shift through space/time with greater ease including the integration and collapse of timelines and parallel worlds. This assists with the integration of all that you are, soul retrieval, shadow and even inner child work.

✨ Aids in the regeneration and replication of cells. They told me that magnesium aids in your ability to communicate with your cells and tell it what to replicate. (Viruses, mutations & malignancies are a no, for example)

✨ Aids in the removal of toxins and heavy metals from the body, all of which interfere with your building light body. Heavy metals also interfere with how we receive the light codes from the Sun and the galactic core.

This is on top of benefits such as migraine relief, easing the digestive elimination, and assisting with anxiety and depression. Oftentimes if people are experiencing heart palpitations with the upgrades, magnesium and good clean water is the cure.

Due to the depletion of the soil, GMO and pesticides, you can no longer obtain all you need from food. Supplementation is necessary and a triple magnesium product is recommended as it contains 3 types of necessary magnesium.

Dosing is to be done intuitively. There may be a day where you feel you only need one and another where you instinctively know you need four. Muscle testing can help with this but trust your innate knowing.

As we move forward, communication with your body is imperative. Start practicing with your supplements, asking your body what it needs, if it needs it, and how much. This type of communication will build trust between you and your form that will become invaluable as we continue building our light body and hold higher and higher frequencies.

Much love to you all!
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