We would like to talk with you today about light codes that are flooding your planet on a systematic basis. These codes are coming from the Lyran and the Andromeda star systems. These codes that are coming in are activating ancient DNA and are helping to obliterate DNA that no longer is useful on your planet. This is happening in intervals so that the body can adjust slowly to the changes taking place. Each of these codes will affect each person differently, for some they will feel moments of bliss and as if they are coming home, because in fact you are.  For others these changes within their structure can make them very uncomfortable. Though the codes coming in are consistent, the amount each person can receive at any one time is completely dependent on them.

Think on a computer that is receiving an upgrade. First there must be space on the hard drive to complete the function. If there is not enough space, then programs and files must be deleted, applications must be reduced so that memory and processing capacity is available. Once the minimum required space is available, the computer then downloads the new information. When this information is received in full it is then processed or assimilated into the hard drive. This may include an overwriting of previous files and/or the addition of new files so that the new program can be run completely. If this takes up every bit of accessible free space, the computer may be sluggish, temperamental, and not run as it use to. The only way to fix this is to free additional space.

In relation to your human body, when new downloads of light codes are available, the only way that you can receive this is if you have cleared enough density through all the layers of your body. If space is not available, then the universe works to show you what must change, be it your thoughts, your situations, your beliefs. After releasing enough space, you then begin to receive the light codes. Some of you feel these through your crown chakra, Once the codes have been completely downloaded, they then must be processed or assimilated into your form. For some this will cause feelings of exhaustion and activation in whatever area is targeted. Codes designed to bring unity and feelings of connectedness,  will target the heart and higher heart chakras.  This process may produce profound anxiety as your body, which has consciousness, does not understand what is happening. We recommend speaking to your body to help ease the confusion. If you had only cleared enough density to allow for the light codes to be processed, then your body will react after the upgrade by slowing down and feeling disjointed. It is important during this time to continue working on releasing all that no longer serves you and finding what brings you joy. It is through play, laughter and joy that much density is released.  If a download is processed and there is enough density cleared to allow the operating system to work at peak performance, then the upgrade leaves the person feeling joyous and connected.

These codes are coming into earth at regular intervals and are accessible to all in every moment. If information is sent to earth and the person is simply not ready to receive, the code remains until the body is cleared enough to receive. This is why when someone feels they have made significant progress in clearing density which induces feelings of lightness and joy, that they then may feel they are pushed back down. This is not the case at all. In fact, feeling intense exhaustion and anxiety shortly after a large clearing indicates that you are receiving multiple light codes at once. No one will be left out of this process and there is not a time limit on when a person must complete a certain level. This is why this process is very individualized as each person is completing each phase at their own time. Those that are able to clear density quickly from their form, through acceptance, letting go, and play will make rather large jumps in little time. Those that are clinging to the old, have fear based programs running, and are resistant to change will find that this process takes longer. Neither of these paths are wrong as there is learning that takes place with both. One can not judge another’s path as the agreements each soul made vary. Judgement of yourself or another in the process with only hinder growth.

We give you this information so that you can understand why you feel the changes taking place in waves. You are here on earth during a very exciting, but challenging time. Those of you who are part of the first wave may be feeling hopeless as the outer world does not seem to be reflecting what you wish. We ask that you do not look there for confirmation as each of you are at different stages. We ask that you look within and see the changes taking place within you and in your immediate surroundings. See how when you change, those around you change ever so slightly too. We ask that people not look upon the changes taking place within negatively, but to instead see it as confirmation of just how much growth is taking place.

That is all for now,

Sanat Kumara

Personal Conversation with Sanat:

Me: The other day I had this overwhelming urge to have a cigarette. I had not smoked in almost 10 years. Does the downloads have anything to do with that urge? It passed rather quickly but left me curious.

Sanat: That was a file being deleted or written over that no longer served you. You felt it’s presence as it was changing in your body. 

Me: If I had decided to have a cigarette, would it have stopped the writing of the file or the deletion?

Sanat: No, but it would have written that behavior into your new file. This is why it is important to choose your highest good in all moments. You have freewill and we can not change what is. 

Me: So if I am rewriting other things like areas where I felt jealousy, anger, victim hood, would I experience these emotions as a file is being rewritten or deleted.

Sanat: Yes, just observe these emotions, let them flow through you instead of reclaiming them. 

Me: My chakras have been getting a work out lately and it is uncomfortable. What can I do to ease this?

Sanat: Start by not labeling it good or bad, but instead know that what is happening is in fact changing you and helping you to reach your goal of merging back with your soul source. Talk with your body, ask that it release all resistance. See your chakras as open and spinning accepting all the energy like a funnel. Listen to your body and rest when required, most importantly drink water as this process increases dehydration. 

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Much love to you! <3



**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

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