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Christ Conciousness frequencies incoming

I wanted to drop a quick note about the energies are streaming into the planet are really amazing. It is pure Christ Conciousness. I see it as a beautiful blue diamond shimmering light. While these energies are coming from outside of us, they activate what is already...

Message from the Fates

The equinox last week was so very powerful and it feels like a huge shift has taken place. Time feels to have sped up even more and with it the energy we are receiving. It's like the gloves are off. No more pulling punches. The energies are twisting and turning us...

Humanity’s Healing Crisis

I was working with my spirit team recently and they shared with me that many of us are in a healing crisis right now. A Healing crisis is a term used when someone begins to address their hurts and trauma and this attention brings about a triggering of more to be...

Message from Jesus on the World affairs

Recently I had a dream and interaction with Jesus that I wanted to share.In the dream, I walked outside and on the cross street in front of  my house was this giant sink hole. It held boiling bubbling tar that reminded me of the tar pits that dinosaur were said to...

Shattering the False Sense of Self

Recently I met with the Council and they wanted me to share information about energy that is now streaming to earth. "There is energy coming into earth that  will cause a shattering within the psyche. While this may seem devastating, as it will certainly feel that...

Becoming Luminaries – Quan Yin

Yesterday,   I felt a deep need to Journey, it was a nagging feeling. When I feel this way I know that my attention is needed, so the first opportunity I had I put on drumming music and went. I found myself walking on Stone steps that were in a lake creating a trail....

Uluru – Awakening!

When I studied to be a shamanic practitioner, I trained with someone that had worked closely with Sandra Ingerman. I loved the style and figured I would be drawn to the Native American way. While I have two native guides, Standing Bear and Eagle Eye, they were not my...

Message from The Goddess regarding our Physical Form during this Transition

This transition we are in is quite intense, requiring us to use all of our tools in order to stay in alignment. I find that if I dive too much into what is going on "out there" my body becomes quite anxious. Self care in all forms is imperative right now. This can...

More Information on The Great Shift

If you haven't read the first blog on the Great Shift please start here: The Great Shift Is Here - Jenny Schiltz   Recently Merlin came into a session dressed as a woodland Santa, covered in snow. I asked him why he was dressed this way and his response was that...

Sovereignty amongst Mandates

Years ago, we decided to raise chickens and purchased chicks that would have more meat and be ready to eat in under 16 weeks. These are a genetically engineered common breed. Well they were horrific... if one fell or began to have a heart attack (common from too fast...


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