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Powerful weekend ahead!

We are in for a powerful few days ! Rare full moon, Mayan Day out of time and the Galactic New Year!

Activating the Hidden Pyramids – It is Done!

There were Indios warriors, leaders, and wise women present. They were holding a beautiful space for me and all of us that were working. These beings and their energy connected through every ancient civilization.

Merging with All You Are

Recently I was journeying when I was taken to a blank landscape. There was nothing but a tall clear crystal in the distance. I walked to it and it began pulsing light right into my heart chakra. I noticed that the other side of the crystal was doing the same. It was sending out a pulsing light into the vast empty space.

Hidden Pyramids are Awakening

I received an amazing transmission yesterday. I was shown pyramids all over the earth. They were connected to important celestial aspects in the universe. During certain times of the year, the heavens would align and activate the pyramids. This vibrational information was utilized by the Earth and by those that were able to align to it.

Then I saw that large waves came, covering the pyramids, destroying parts of some. I questioned what happened and was told that the poles shifted, and with it, the Earth was shifting to a lower vibration.

Pole shifts signal a change in a cycle; the earth cycles and vibrational cycles. The last pole shift covered the majority of the Earth’s pyramids with water and many remain hidden today. It is important to note that even if the pyramid was destroyed, the reason why the pyramid was put in that location originally is still there.

Essential Mineral for the Ascending Form

Received this information upon waking from my Arcturian healing team that I wanted to share. We are in a very PHYSICAL stage of this process. Focus is on the body and shifting it forward into the higher vibrational realms.

Moving into Zero Point

The intensity is building. Many were knocked flat with the solar eclipse and we are heading to a very powerful Solstice on June 21st. There feels to be a push to connect deep within, to our ancestors, to our truth, and our Galactic origins. What you are wanting to connect with is also wanting to connect with you.

Message from the River

We went camping over a long weekend by a beautiful river. When we arrived The river was flowing at a decent speed. It was beautifully hot and sunny. This must have caused a rapid melt of snow off the mountains. The next morning we woke and took a hike and I was...

Understanding the Past to Understand the Future

Sending a quick note on this beautiful day!   I recently just finished a book by Sarah Breskman Cosme entitle "A Hypnotist's Journey to Atlantis". This book contains QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) interviews that describe events in Atlantis and why it fell....

Sacred Geometry Incoming

Yesterday, I had a dream that this beautiful, very complex sacred geometry form was streaming in from the sun. My mind described it as a more complex Merkabah. It was simultaneously gold and iridescent rainbow. It depended on how it was turning as to the color that...

The Path Ahead

I woke from a dream and knew I needed to share it.  I shared it with the Aura Cleansing group, but wanted to share it with everyone else as well. In the dream I was watching a race. It was a foot race. There were four distinct groupings with staggered starts. The...


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