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The Collapse of a Paradigm

I recently had an amazing session with my chiropractor that does so much more than chiropractic. Lately, we've been working on my feet. I've been experiencing foot pains/misalignment that is characteristic of someone with a spinal fusion. Yet, I knew it wasn't about...

Dissolving or Rewriting the Contracts Created

A client came to me looking for assistance to understand why he continuously chose women that would turn on him, become controlling and even use black magic. We had met in a session before clearing the damaging energy from the fall of his last relationship, during that session, I was shown a contract that involved women and his choice of them.

Working through the Incoming Energies

I shared this information with my aura cleanse group and felt called to share it with everyone. I hope that everyone enjoyed the equinox. It is the astrological new year as the sun returns to Aries. This is a long write-up, but there was so much to share! The Equinox...

Spiritual Seekers Podcast featuring Jenny Schiltz and Amy Dempster

I was recently on Karen Foote's podcast entitled Spiritual Seekers Podcast: Stories of a Spiritual Healer. Here is the video:   Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world.  To join the mailing list to receive blog updates in your...

The Invisible Obstacle on the Path of Embodiment

I just returned home from an amazing and intensive 8-day training where I learned to become a Kambo practitioner. Kambo uses the secretion from the frog Phyllomedusa bicolor to heal a person on all layers of their being. I chose the group at the Rainforest Healing...

Inner Child Healing – What is Your Motivation?

Inner Child healing is powerful deep work that can be derailed by what our underlying motivation is. A quick video that helps you to make sure that your intention isn't derailing your progress. Join the weekly Aura Cleansing, where your aura will be cleared, healed,...

New Codes incoming from the Sun!

In Meditation yesterday morning I was given a message to share with everyone from the Council of Light that I work with.  Two beings shared information as there was much excitement. First council member: “Many are feeling that the earth system and humanity are lost...

Activation of Ancient Codes – It Is Done!

Many of you know that I was called to travel to Honduras over the Holidays to assist with the Activation of the Ancient Codes. I want to share with you what happened during my trip. I knew that the activation I needed to assist with had to take place on the water but I really wasn’t given more details than that. The last time I worked on activating the hidden pyramids, I did it while snorkeling. So when my husband suggested that we learn diving, I was all for it.

Activation of Ancient Codes that assist with the Grand Return

I had a dream of being on an island and seeing under the water groups of stones begin moving towards the shore. It was like piles of stone that were once part of buildings from long ago, started moving forward. They were covered in seaweed and sea life. It was evident that they had been stationary for a very very long time.

Eclipse Messages

I dreamed that I was learning to scuba dive. I got all strapped into my wet suit and gear.

It was explained that this wasn’t ordinary scuba diving. I was going into areas that were deep, dark, twisted, and long paths. It honestly felt like being squeezed into the ductwork of a building.

In the training, they said this would be the hardest part of all. They showed me scuba diving with the sun high in the sky, how it filtered all the way to the bottom of the ocean. You always knew that the surface was right there, that you were always going in the right direction.


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