This energies for the upcoming full moon are already affecting us and it is a whooper! This moon is highlighting our duality. It is showing us exactly where we still have beliefs that keep us embedded in the matrix. It is highlighting what no longer works in our lives.

This is the perfect time to get real within ourselves. Get real about our feelings, fears, wants, dreams and relationships. This moon is going to bring up lots of emotion and that is not always comfortable. When this happens we have a choice we can look around and look at what is happening externally and blame that or we can dig deep and get to the root of it within. Often times when we react with deep emotion it may look one way but the heart of the matter is a different story.

When I would feel fear and anxiety about our financial security I would attribute it to the financial devastation that we experienced in 2012. Yet, what I came to realize is that at the heart of the fear wasn’t a glimpse backwards at what was or a look into the future of what could be. The heart of the matter for me is that I was struggling with trusting me, my soul, the universe and the Creator.  I was struggling with trusting that all is and always has been in my highest good.

So as emotions and tempers rise with this moon, take a step back before reacting. Observe, meditate, ask for your heart chakra to be open and for your body to be clear of all ego, worries, doubts, fears, and programming before reacting. Not everything is as it appears to be as each of us determines which path we want to take.

As we work through the current energies that are being exacerbated by the moon’s energies, ask for help from your Ascension team. Ask to be helped in ALL ways, regardless of how it appears. I was reminded of this fact on a recent fishing trip. I went out on a head boat to celebrate Father’s Day and the waves were high and I was feeling a little green. I prayed that I wouldn’t get sick and did my best to keep my eyes on the horizon. I continued to feel bad and prayed to the angels to help me not puke. Then I heard so clearly – “What if getting sick, makes you feel better?”

It was an AH HA moment for me. Here I was praying for help, but at the same time I was telling the ones helping me, how they should help me. I had essentially tied their hands. At that moment, I released control and said – “Help me, in whatever way is in my highest good”. In a few short minutes I added my breakfast to the chum the mates put in the water. After that, I felt great, the sea sickness was gone and I enjoyed the rest of the trip.

While that is just a small example, I reflected on how many times I prayed for something to go one way or another without having the advantage of understanding the big picture. I realized how many times I asked for help with a situation and when that help arrived, I judged how it appeared. The judgement stemming from my beliefs that this is good or that is bad.

It is this polarity that this moon is bringing to the forefront.  As the frequencies continue to separate (read more about that here) we are being asked to choose – Fear or Faith, Love or Judgement.  The intensity of the energies are bringing up all that cannot stay in the higher light. It is preparing us for the timeline shift we will experience in August.

So this time allows us to examine where we still hold dualistic beliefs, including those we have adopted while on our spiritual journey. Below is a video on Examining Spiritual Beliefs and how these hold us back – Video 3 on What can hold us back in the Ascension Process.

Sending you lots of love. Take care of you. <3



To access video 1 on What can hold us back in the Ascension Process click HERE 

To access video 2 on What can hold us back in the Ascension Process click HERE


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