Let all go that no longer serves

I would like to talk to you today about the 12/12 portal. We are calling this the portal of choice. At this time you have a choice to remain within the duality of your planet or to step from the traditional beliefs into oneness. For those that are ready, this portal will see big changes in your thinking and in how you react to the world around you. When you have made these changes within you will see them mirrored in those around you.

We understand that to remove yourself from duality is a difficult step. It is to turn your back on everything you have known and been taught. You will no longer see the differences in yourself in comparison to others as highlighted by your reigning religions and governments. Instead, you will be able to see parts of yourself in every person you encounter. You will also begin to see the true source of all beings, their soul. When you are able to see this, you will find it difficult to condemn and highlight differences among people. By stepping out of duality you will begin to see the absolute beauty of life on earth. You will see it for what it is, a great place for learning and experiencing ALL THAT IS.  You will see the beauty in the lessons people have chosen and the roles they have experienced. By being able to see the soul source of all beings, you will see that darkness is just a role within the matrix, a chosen experience. Just as the light is a chosen experience within the matrix as well. You will be able to return to your true nature which is one of neutrality and love.
Once you choose to leave duality behind you will be able to allow others to experience their life as they have chosen without feeling the need to change them. You will see all as it is, perfect. Each thing, each event, each action is perfectly designed for the soul to get the knowledge and lesson that was agreed upon before your sojourn to earth. When you see the perfectness in all of creation, you will serve as a guide to others. You will be the beacon that they seek, as your energy is one of peaceful neutrality. Many will seek the comfort of a non-Judgemental guide. You will be able to show an alternative way of being, but understand and have compassion for those not ready to follow the path before them.
Understand that being neutral does not mean that you lack compassion. In fact, your compassion will only increase, you will feel love and understanding for both the victim and the perpetrator. You will understand and be able to see the beauty and lessons in both roles. You will innately understand the contracts that both are fulfilling so that their soul growth is accomplished.
Should you choose to leave duality behind during the 12-12 portal, you will be tested. You could be tested through personal lessons and by the world at large. We ask that you always remember that all are divine beings of light at their core. By remembering that earth is a place where souls have come to experience duality and learn their chosen lessons, it will be easier to remain neutral.
We are very pleased at the number of souls that are preparing to leave duality. It is a testimate to the amount of work people have done within themselves.
That is all for now,
Quan Yin

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