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I want to talk to you today about your life purpose. It’s the main question that many of you have. The answer is simple, Be Joy. Find the things in life that bring you joy and follow them. In every moment do your best to find your center and radiate joy from your being. All of you have this task as your basic purpose, how you obtain and keep this emotion is as individual as water droplets in the sea.

While this purpose is simple, obtaining and being joy is anything but simple. Many of you have charted difficult lives and circumstances. It has therefore become your first challenge to maintain the frequency of joy in the midst of chaos. Many of you are thinking, how can I feel joy, happiness when my body is stressed with the task of ascending. The is change your perspective. How do you view your surroundings? How do you visualize joy looking? Do you believe that you must be joyous in every moment in order to be successful? We ask that you stop placing such limitations on yourself. When you feel joyous, light, and happy make a note of what you are doing. Soon you will see a pattern. If in the beginning you feel joy only 10% of the time, don’t worry, instead be grateful for those moments and work on obtaining 11% joy the next day.

Many of you have even placed limitations on what you allow to bring you joy. In your quest of self-realization, some of you have become too serious and have lost your zest for life. While spirituality and finding self is a noble cause is should not make you lose perspective of who you are. You are first and foremost a being experiencing physical reality. Find what brings you joy, excitement and passion without the filter of judgement. Too think that something is not spiritual and therefore beneath you is a function of ego. Your job is to find your joy and interject your light into that area. Many of you have shunned politics by saying it is corrupt and not spiritual, if it was once your passion your new-found sense of self should not change that rather enhance it so that you bring love into politics. This is how we create the new world. Through your connection to source all around you will be impacted positively. You do not fight the dark but rather change it by shining your light and following your passion.

There are many that feel that in order to be spiritual you must forgo the frivolous. I assure you, nothing is frivolous. If it brings you happiness, then you are filled with light that spreads to all those around. It doesn’t matter if you are playing sports, playing in a sandbox, or having dinner with friends. Examine your beliefs, what are the things you told yourself are fine to do verses what you have deemed improper or beneath you while on this path. Where did those beliefs come from? Listen to your inner self, you will know when you are not in the flow of joy.  When this occurs examine your beliefs and return to center.

Often to feel joy a change of perspective is needed. There will always be tasks that are mundane and that you would rather not do. It is your choice to complete them with positivity or to view the entire experience from a negative point of view. When you slip into the negative, find a way to change your thinking in order to return to center and experience the flow of joy. Your light is very valuable, what brings you joy increases your light.

This is all for now,
Quan Yin

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