Just as in the Northern hemisphere day light will increase daily in increments, so to will your capacity to hold light. With every releasing of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve, you will be able to hold more light. This process is both unconscious and conscious. Your active participation in clearing your vehicle of past held thoughts and beliefs is very helpful. It speeds the process and helps your life be more of your creation. It is also unconscious as those who are unaware of this process are also releasing. For those their lives may appear to be in complete turmoil as those aspects that need releasing and healing will be brought to the forefront time and time again until conscious change is sought. This will also happen to those aware of the process but unaware of an aspect that needs healing. We ask that you pay attention to patterns that emerge. It is in these patterns that you will find clues to what needs to be addressed and healed deep within your psyche. Now more than ever it is important for you to be aware and present. Be in touch with your highest guidance by staying in your heart space. Look at all behavior, thoughts, and actions not from a place of judgement but from the place of the observer. In this way you will clearly be given clues to aspects that need changing, blocks that need releasing, and parts of your psyche that need healing.

Many of you may be experiencing flashes of memories from your childhood. These are very important and need to be noted. Old programming is often created in childhood and adolescence. As you aged, you piled layers of top of the initial place where you were taught to believe something contrary to your soul’s truth. Many of you are now down to that core essence, your inner child if you will. Healing of this aspect is important. It is in embracing and loving that child that you will find you are healed and your joy for life will return. If you are fortunate enough to be near children, let them guide you with their easy laugh and smile. Find that place within you again. If you are not near children, go to where children play, and soak in their energy and laughter. Remember a time when you too felt free, when you too knew exactly how loved and special you are. This is what we want you to recapture. It is in this essence of the inner child that you will find your true self. We are asking you to undo all that time has done, all that duality has done and return to the heart of a child. It is in this space that you will be able to find and keep joy. It is also in this space that you will able to create a new world for yourself.

The first week in January holds a special planetary alignment. The energies from this alignment will be available for a few days before the 4th and a few days after. This gateway can help you expand your soul growth. Much like your New Years intentions we ask that you focus on what you would like for your 2015 year. While your focus will be as individual as each of you, we ask that you include reconnecting with your inner child. This work is of great importance. During this gateway, the planets alignment, will help to bring things to the forefront that need changing, releasing, and healing. That which you have not given proper attention to or are unaware of will be magnified. It will be as if a spot light will be placed on thoughts and behaviors so that they can be clearly seen. While this can be unsettling, even painful, it is a gift. It allows for rapid growth if you are willing to be observant and non-judgemental of what is no longer in your highest good. The more you are able to let go of and heal, the more you will be able to access your inner child, who holds the keys to your highest self. To embody your highest self completely is to have a joyful loving heart and to understand that all is always working out as it should. Once you reach this understanding that all is in your highest good, you are embracing all that you are. You will see this life experience through the eyes of a child, full of adventure and hope. 2015 will bring much soul expansion for those that have done the intense, sometimes exhausting work to leave duality and judgement behind.

You have made large strides in returning to unity and love. We hope that you feel as excited as we are about the changes taking place within the collective. Each of you that has done the work and hold vast amount of light are making a large impact on all around you. Know this as truth in your heart. Don’t look outside yourself for validation of the world-changing and the light increasing, for you are the creator of your world.

With high regards,

Sanat Kumara

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