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I want to clear up some confusion about your existence on earth, the hologram you’ve created and the illusion. The true illusion on earth that exists is duality and separation. You are not separate from one another nor are you separate from source.

Each of you chose to come to earth, some of you have made this choice for countless lifetimes while others have had only one. Upon deciding to come to earth, a plan is made and a hologram of your world is created. It is within this hologram that your lessons and experiences are created.  Within each hologram are parts that have been co-created and there is also a part of the collective consciousnesses of the whole. Upon entering the hologram you consent to being a part of the duality experiment. Your task has been to see through this illusion of duality and reunite with your true self.

Many call the hologram of your existence on earth an illusion, and in one way it is, however until you choose to leave earth you will be part of this hologram. For those that have been able to see through the illusion of separation, life does become less stressful. It is not that life will drastically change, it is your reaction that will have changed. It is in your peaceful knowing that all that happens is always in your highest good. Seeing through duality will not change the lessons you came to learn but it will change the world around you. You will understand that all are learning their chosen lessons. You will see that the extremes being played out are not a grand battle of good vs evil, but duality coming to an end. With the gap between perceived good and evil so wide, many will find that the peaceful path is the one of observation and non-judgement. It is understanding that you have the capacity to be all aspects of humanity from the darkest to the lightest. With that knowledge, it is hard to judge another for the lessons they came to learn.

As more and more people are becoming in-tune with their higher guidance and intuition, the tendency to look down upon those in duality needs to be avoided. Each person has their own lessons to learn, and the degree of difficulty varies per person. Some are participating in duality as their purpose is to play the part of extremes to help others see the distortion. Once you have fully stepped from the illusion of duality, give gratitude for those still participating. It is their contribution that has helped you and others see that it is non-judgement and observation that brings peace.

While the hologram of your existence on earth could also be considered and illusion, we ask that you not see it in those terms. You are participating in a learning experiment to advance soul growth. Your personal hologram was created to be very real and to help you achieve your desired goals. Upon dissolving the illusion of separation from source, you will still be in the hologram of your creation until you choose to step out of it. To look at your life and call it an illusion is to negate the incredible work you have done. It has been explained that life is like a play that one creates then participates in. Figuring out that you are in fact the author of your play and resuming the deep connection with your soul should not make you look upon life as an illusion but a masterpiece that you have created. It is to be applauded and looked upon with gratitude for the growth it has provided you. For those not ready to understand the significance of the hologram they have created, to be told their life is an illusion is harmful. It is better to empower others to resuming their place as the authors of their play. To help them to see through the illusion of duality and victim hood and to understand that they are souls mastering their life.

Go in love for one another.

*As with all channelings, use discernment. What does your heart say when you read this? If it does not resonate, just discard it. We each have our own truth.*

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