I come to you today with a brief message of hope as many of you are making great process. We understand that many of you are experiencing great difficulty emotionally, physically, and mentally. Many of you feel as if you can not possibly go on. Yet we urge you to do just that. We are asking you to have hope, to believe and to push away all your doubts and fears. We are able to see your progress and the changes being made within. We ask that you clear your focus and see yourselves as we see you.

Many of your friends, companions have already entered the Fifth dimension and have attached to the unity grid. Many are not that far off either. While this new location is not all you were told it would be, it is a landing place that will help to ease the burden of fluctuating emotions and thoughts that have weighed so many down. Once you attach to the unity grid you can no longer move down vibrationally to the lower dimensions. From this location you can only move upwards. Once you reach this destination you will be able to see much clearer those that are caught in the third dimensional paradigm. You will see their fears, their egos, and many of you will be able to see precisely what is holding someone back, what patterns are in play in their lives. This is a wonderful thing because it is an opportunity for you to see your growth and also to lend compassion and understanding to those who are still not ready to move forward and do the deep inner work required. What should not happen is for one to use their new position as a way to feel better than or more worthy than another. This only leads to duality and an increase of the ego, even if only on a spiritual level. Your job is to love, completely, unconditionally all that enter your circle, all that enter your reality.

Some of you are feeling that it is time to rejoin society, to find a way to put your new found vibrational level to work, however, many of you still feel the need to cocoon within the self. There is nothing wrong with this. It is during this time that you become stronger in your sense of self, clear more density from your form, and figure out who you are without the layers that once surrounded you. When you are ready to rejoin society, it will be with a strong sense of self and a resolve that is unshakable. What one must not do is judge themselves for their lack of desire to be part of society. It is a normal part of this process to feel the need to go within at all levels, when you are secure in this, you will find that you are able to maintain your balance even among the chaos of your changing world.

The physical effects that are being experienced by all those on earth have escalated. The light codes coming in no longer come in blasts but in steady streams, once you have cleared a certain amount, you then are automatically receiving the next level of codes. This is beneficial in that one no longer has to wait for an alignment or a solar burst to continue their growth. The codes are there, available when one is ready. There are continued bursts that help you to purge all that no longer serves, they bring up emotions and memories that must be reconciled. As one heals and no longer feels the need to hang onto a belief, thought or pattern, they then clear deep within and at all levels.  With the continuous pace of the light codes many are not feeling a break from the rigors of healing. While this is difficult, it is necessary to help you move into the next phase of your existence.

It is important that one do their best to look upon all the changes taking place within from a positive perspective. Just as a woman in labor, feels pain, she understands that the out of her pain comes a glorious new life. This is no different, out of the pain you are feeling, the work you are doing, comes a glorious new life, yours. A life where you are connected to the highest aspect of self; one where you are home. We ask that all of keep going, keep clearing and keep your hearts wide open with love for yourself and others.

With deep admiration,

Quan Yin

Personal Conversation with Quan Yin:

Me: A few days ago on Fourth of July, I was hit with an energy wave that was so staggering that I felt like my body needed to shut down. What was that?

Quan Yin: When that happens it signifies deep, intensive healing. The burst of energy activates parts within you, even your very DNA to allow for deep healing. As this does not have to be a conscious healing, sleep is often the way to process the changes very quickly. When possible these urgings should be followed as it speeds up your clearing and healing.

Me: I am seeing in those around me, patterns emerge that I had hoped had healed. I find it frustrating and in a way powerless as I watch the same lesson being repeated. 

Quan Yin: Do not allow yourself to become frustrated as there is nothing that you could do or not do to change what another is learning. What you can do is be supportive, loving and in the kindest way possible explain what you are seeing without seeming superior. Do you understand?

Me: Yes, I can’t say “I told you so”, as this is a lesson that was not completely learned the last time and it needs to be learned (hopefully) this time so that it is not repeated. If I interfere with judgement, frustration or anger, it could delay the learning. 

Quan Yin:  Yes precisely, this is where you allow and make sure that this does not become a lesson for you as well.

Me:  Recently I have woken with every joint aching in my body, when I tune in I see streams of green/blue light codes coming into my crown. It passes within a few hours. What are these? What is the significance?

Quan Yin: These are codes that literally transform your DNA. They also upgrade your body’s meridians and merkabas to a higher frequency.

Me: During this last process, I felt intense pain in my left hip and knee. Upon asking my higher self what it was she asked that I ask that all that I was holding onto, all that was providing resistance to the flow of the codes leave. I did, I asked for help and gave permission to every light being, angel, ascended master, and my team to assist me. Within 30 minutes I felt the resistance leave and the energy flow again.

Quan Yin: Yes, often times these codes are met with resistance in the form of stored beliefs and fears, there are really many many things that could prove to block the flow within the body. Asking for help and giving permission to be helped in all ways allows yourself to be helped and it also signals the body that you are in acceptance of the changes taking place.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle.


**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

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