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Purchase a Custom “Heart of the Goddess” Tincture embedded with the energies of the Sacred Sites of Ireland!

This June I took a group of 9 to Ireland to work with the energies of some of the major Sacred Sites. This trip was originally scheduled to happen 2 years ago, and I am thrilled to announce that we are finally made it! The weather was amazing and the energies were incredibly powerful.   

“Not everyone is able to travel to these amazing sites, therefore I was guided to offer the “Heart of the goddess” tincture” imbued with energies from each site we will visit in this incredible, magical place. 

Heart of the Goddess - Ireland Healing Tincture

Heart of the Goddess – Ireland Healing Tincture

If you have ever wanted to experience the energy and healing of Ireland then this tincture is for you. It will be imbued with the energy of sacred sites, the goddess energies, and the magic that is Ireland.

This is a one-time offering of this tincture, as I took the mother tincture with me to the Sacred Sites on the Emerald Heart of the Ascended Goddess Sacred Journey. At each site, I connected deeply with the land, feeling the ancient energies, and embedding them into the tincture.


After I fulfilled the original orders I have 13 left!


We visited and connected with the following sites (and more):

Carrowkeel, The Enchanting Tomb, Cliffs of Moher, Skellig Island (on the Solstice!), Lough Gur, Hill of Tara & Newgrange.

This tincture is designed to help you open to the energies within your Soul that resonate with the Celtic, Druid, and Goddess traditions. The energies at these sites are powerful and life-changing. They bring us back to the roots of when humanity was able to commune with the earth, the elementals, and the gods and goddesses freely. It was a time of deep connection, wonder, and magic as the realms interacted in much greater ways. This tincture will help you connect to the energies of the sites and go deeper.

For more information on the sites I will visit click here: The Emerald Heart Of The Ascended Goddess – A Sacred Journey – Jenny Schiltz

Ingredients: Apple. Globe Thistle, Grass of Parnassus, Mallow, Monkey Flower, Willow herb, Elements of Fire & Air, Gem Essences of Emerald & Diamond. Charged Water and Brandy, Energies from Ireland’s Sacred Sites.  

Apple helps you to find and be in your purpose, Globe Thistle brings in Strength so that you can walk your purpose, Monkey flower brings in being able to tap into your personal power, Grass of Parnassus helps open the heart, Mallow helps you to follow your heart with grace,  Spotted Orchid helps you find balance within your personal power, and Willow herb brings in assistance so that you can self-master. The fire element works at the level of the solar plexus giving inspiration and bringing through the insecurities and the air element works on the heart and throat chakra so that you may live and speak your truth. Lastly, the gem essences of Emerald and Diamond bring balance and spiritual alignment.

These are amazing essences alone but combined with the energies of the sacred sites in Ireland, it is an extremely powerful medicine for you to work with.

**You can choose a glycerin preservative, but I do not have a label that states that, as I only have labels premade that say Brandy **

Look at some of the places your Tincture went!

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