I received an amazing transmission yesterday. I was shown pyramids all over the earth. They were connected to important celestial aspects in the universe. During certain times of the year, the heavens would align and activate the pyramids. This vibrational information was utilized by the Earth and by those that were able to align to it.

Then I saw that large waves came, covering the pyramids, destroying parts of some. I questioned what happened and was told that the poles shifted, and with it, the Earth was shifting to a lower vibration.

Pole shifts signal a change in a cycle; the earth cycles and vibrational cycles. The last pole shift covered the majority of the Earth’s pyramids with water and many remain hidden today. It is important to note that even if the pyramid was destroyed, the reason why the pyramid was put in that location originally is still there.

We are currently in a pole shift, it is happening at a much slower and life-sustaining pace. Thankfully, much of the damage is being mitigated as we shift back to a higher vibration.

It was explained that many of the underwater pyramids are ready to come back online. It has been requested that the Stargate keepers feeling an urge to work with the water on this planet follow those urgings. The Stargate keepers are holding codes downloaded from Sirius. The final coding was received and integrated during this last eclipse & Solstice.

Work can be done remotely, but if it all possible among the restrictions, physically getting to the water that is calling you is more beneficial & powerful. The pyramid will be activated, turned on, by the coding held within the Stargate keeper. It is a signal to all of creation that it is time. A signal that the Earth and her people are ready. No more delays!

Much is happening and shifting with the water on this planet and the water within us. Water holds memory, it holds memory from the beginning when the planet was all water until now. It holds the memory of its perfection as well as all of the trauma.

For those that do not feel the resonance of being a Stargate keeper, your help is also requested. Working with the water, blessing it, thanking it is all incredibly important at this time. We can help the water remember its pure perfection, its original divine blueprint as we work on remembering ours.

Here is a simple but impactful water blessing that you can do to assist:

Take a glass of water from your sink. Talk to it, visualize the cup filled with light. Send the water love and gratitude. Call in the water nature spirits, your angels, and guides to purify, heal, and bless the water. Put the intention that the water holds its purity and the memory of this healing, that as it encounters other water molecules that it transmutes them, healing all that it touches.

When you feel it is done and ready, pour the cup down the drain to enter the water system or your septic.

Such a small thing can have a huge impact especially if many of us do this and regularly.

Receiving this transmission was a big aha moment for me. I had felt such a call to get to the water. Yet a part of me was also resisting, as travel is not the easiest right now. 

However, the urge was so strong that one afternoon recently I started looking at flights and places to stay. I made a few phone calls and was able to get a refund for flights that were for a Sacred Journey to Ireland in 2020 that was canceled. Previously I had requested a refund and was told that no refunds can be given, only credit. This time Spirit paved the way. The refund covered our flights and donations I’ve received covered lodging in Cozumel. This is how you know it is meant to be, the door was opened, all I had to do was walk through it.

I do want to take a moment and thank everyone that has donated. It is the donations that allow many of us to do the earthwork that is needed. It is the universe working through people that help support the mission many of us are on.

During the transmission, they showed the importance of myself, my husband, and my youngest child soon to be 13, coming together to activate what is in the waters off of Mexico. I had not expected that as I generally work alone, I was told that the children consciously conceived by awakening parents will play an important role as we shift back to higher frequencies. They hold very special codes and frequencies, they hold our potential.  

This also explains why I felt it was important that my youngest go with us even though while we are gone we will be celebrating our 27th Anniversary. While she could have easily stayed with her adult sisters, I knew she needed to go, I just didn’t understand the why. So much of this journey is that way. I often can not tell someone one the WHY behind a decision, only that it needs to be. We are moving on pure instinct and faith now as our world makes less and less logical sense. Trusting our intuition is our guideposts on this journey. 

Everything has sped up and as these pyramids come online, we will see profound changes within and without. Our planet is experiencing the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another and each of us is playing a part. It is simply beautiful. 

This is a clarion call to the Star gate keepers and all those that are willing to assist. If you feel called to work with the water, please do so. Your energy, your vibration is needed. 

Sending you all lots of love!


Your support helps me to do the work that I do. Thank you so much for a gratitude donation today.

Jenny Schiltz -

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