Aligning to Your Highest Timeline!


I had a conversation with the Council of Light recently about the energies, the intensity and what we needed to understand. They explained that the sun’s activity, the plasma & radiation are helping to unwind the limiting programming that resides within our DNA.

As the limiting programming and beliefs unwind within us, we may find a resurgence of fears, insecurities, and deep sorrow. Simultaneously, we can feel so much incoming, and that change is here. 

I asked the council what we need to do or be aware of and what was shared is that with the sheer volume and velocity of the incoming energy, many are finding themselves bouncing between personal timelines. This is causing confusion and greater body stress.

They also explained that due to limiting programming, fear, and uncertainty, many are not able to “plant themselves” on the highest timeline available to them.  In one moment it may feel as if all is “opening up or aligning” and the next as if it has been squashed or has energetically vanished.

As they shared this, deep resonance rang through my body, because I have experienced the same recently. I said this to the Council and they assisted me with clearing the limited stories and definitions on what is possible and then asked that I offer a healing that will assist all of you in a similiar way.

I am offering a Healing on February 28th and then will send you a guided audio meditation so that you may experience the healing again whenever you are feeling lost, unanchored, or even confused about your choices.

This healing will help to clear the layers of limitation wrapped around us like chains so that we may align fully to our personal highest timeline. 

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Register for the healing on Wednesday, February 28th

$11.11 per person

The healing has already begun. Thank you!

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