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Online Course

A 4 week online course to awaken to the magic around you and start believing. Starting June 6th, 2018

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Interactive Healing

A small group online gathering where Jenny will perform healing for the attendees.

Jenny is a joy to work with. She is totally dialed into you and what you need, from the very first second of your session with her. She helped me gain clarity and validation of what I was experiencing, she helped me heal my spirit and my body, she asked me questions she would not even have known to ask unless she was truly dialed into me – body and soul. She’s funny, she’s bright, she’s dead-on accurate, she just makes you feel so good and gives you what you need most. Her advice is practical, do-able, and tailored to your specific needs. I look forward to working with her again as I advance on my spiritual path.

Rachel Shefler

I followed Jenny’s facebook page for a while and only recently decided to book a session with Jenny. Jenny was efficiently and quickly get to the points, like she already knew what my problem was before I start the session. With Jenny’s help I was able to get my first contact with my guides. It’s fabulous! I would definitely recommend Jenny to my loved ones. Thank you, Jenny! Looking forward to the next sessions.

Heilly Lam

I am so grateful to have the opportunity of hearing about Jenny from a very close friend and then meeting her for a healing and guidance appointment. The divine guidance received, along with practical exercises for self-healing – helped me receive both big picture information along with details that will help expand my spiritual growth and my personal and global purposes here, in this lifetime. Jenny has amazing clarity, guidance, compassion and love for humanity – I would highly recommend anyone ready to meet such a Spiritual Teacher – to not hesitate. Love & Light

Lidia Damian

I had a wonderful reading with Jenny. I felt at complete ease with her genuine care and understanding. The work she did on me was remarkable, clearing deep subconscious blockages that I had placed upon myself and gave me clarity on how to let go of these societal believes and to be in alignment with my own truth. I really feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am now reconnected to my inner being stronger than ever and feeling the love that I truly am. I can’t thank you enough, I’ll be back for another reading some time in the future

Derek Tan

Heal your soul and regain your personal power

Jenny Schiltz is a channel, wayshower, ascension guide and shamanic healer. She can communicate with other dimensions and help you to know what needs to be done within to remember your soul and connect with your highest self. Her main role is to empower you to become the walking master that you have forgotten that you are. She has one on one healing sessions and is trained in soul retrievals to help bring home all the parts of the soul that may have become lost due to the density of this incarnation.

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