The eclipse energies are already upon us and many are feeling the deep issues it is intended to bring forth. The core issues are coming up for us to look and work through on a deeper level. The thoughts can seem to bubble out of nowhere and rock you to your core. We process this moment by moment, going to where it started and rewriting the programming.

I was working with my guides this morning and they showed me myself on a small boat, it seemed to be adrift but upon closer examination there was a rope attaching me to the shore that was almost completely out of sight. They explained that I was still holding on to patterns and thoughts that keep me tethered and I watched myself cut the rope and set myself free.

They explained that what it comes down to is TRUST. That many of us are still holding on to doubt and fear about this process. It’s understandable as so few feel the way we do or experience the world as we do, it has created many layers that we must go through as we merge with our highest aspect.  Part of the confusion is that the human within us wants this process to be fast, but it’s not. We move up the frequency ladder in steps towards our highest self as our highest aspect comes down to meet us. Nothing is instant. Once we merge with our higher self we then open up to merge with more of our soul and again this is in layers.  We have to trust that all is happening as it should and not allow doubt (ego) to diminish the progress you have made. Take a moment and really see yourself and the changes you have made. Look at the changes in thought patterns and your reactions. Give yourself a pat on the back and trust that it’s all in perfect order.

For those who are aware of their guidance team you may sense that you are receiving additional support. Additional aspects of self may also come forward for integration as well. It does not matter if you are able to see/hear or interact with your team, just know and trust that they are there. Ask for help and give permission to be helped in all ways.  You chose this team to help you prior to your incarnation. You set up the signs and synchronicities to help guide you along your path. Use your team and be present within yourself to see the guideposts you set up.

Physically… wow much is happening! We have solar flares that can really send people for a loop. Our bodies are undergoing massive upgrades and changes to the cellular structure, this causes moments of exhaustion. It can feel like going under anesthesia once we allow our bodies to rest. There is knee, hip and low back pain as the body grounds these higher frequencies. The cranium is shifting and this can cause headaches, temple pain and ear aches. Jaw & teeth pain is not uncommon with these energies.  Many are experiencing bloating and dehydration.  Digestive upset, even in your pets is the norm for these high energies too. Bananas do wonders to help ease tummies.  Eat what makes your body happy, get plenty of fresh clean water, and get outside. Vitamin D is crucial for this time and we don’t seem to be able to get enough from the sun, so supplements help.

Write down all that is taking place, it’s a really neat time. We have not seen the frequency as high as it is now and it is staying high. Write down what is coming up for addressing but also all those ideas that spring forth from consciousness.

Much love to you all!




**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


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