How are you doing in these energies? One client described her experiences as receiving a cosmic slap from the universe. It can certainly feel that way. What is happening is that whatever is keeping us from our highest potential has gotten really loud. It could no longer be ignored. (Well it can, but it will continue to hurt.)

More light is on the planet than we have ever felt before. It assists greatly with the clearing that is taking place. However, before something can leave we have to see the why behind it. If you are having fears our even scenarios come up in your life that are triggering you ask yourself these questions:

  • Why is this triggering me?
  • What is the base fear being revealed?
  • What pattern in my life is being exposed?
  • Lastly and this can be hard to see: What am I getting from this?

There is a payout for everything we do. Even if the payout is the creation of an outward expression of how we feel inside. For example, when a person self-sabotages things, (consciously or unconsciously) they are simply creating an outward expression of their inner feeling of worthlessness.

Once we figure out the WHY behind our triggers and fears, we can begin to change the programming. One thing that assists me greatly is ending my nights by talking to my soul and listing all the things that I am grateful for that happened that day and then listing one thing I need assistance releasing. I also give full permission to be helped even if this means a deeper level of triggering for me to experience so that I can understand the programming even more. While this does not make things perfect immediately you will find that dedication to asking assistance for a particular issue will help.

Once we figure out the WHY behind our triggers and fears, we can begin to change the programming. Click To Tweet

As the Divine Feminine comes into balance within us all, it is forcing the masculine energy within us to clear its distortions. This can cause anger and frustration even outrage. It is crucial to look at the ways we have not been living in and acting upon the Divine Feminine/Masculine template but rather acting on the conditioning that has been present since our inception. This is not about blame or looking out there to see the distortion, but rather an inward journey. Imagine if each of us cleared our distortions… that would change everything.

The Physical body is going through it!

Self-care is super important right now as when we are stressed, tired, dehydrated, even hungry we go into a lower state of mind and it takes nothing to push us over the edge. Needing deep rest is common as the body adjusts to the higher light. Some, however, are finding themselves unable to sleep with their inside spinning. If this is you, make sure you are grounding into the Earth. Spend lots of time in nature with your back up against a tree.

Dizziness is really hitting us as our entire body adjusts to the higher frequencies. Think of a runner who routinely runs a mile per day but has now upped his game to 3 miles a day consistently. He could feel exhausted, depleted of essential minerals, sore and as if the body is never going to adjust. It will level out but there is an adjustment period. If you are experiencing this make sure that you are keeping hydrated and your electrolytes and cell salts in the body.

Digestion is still an interesting experience. What the body wants and can tolerate seems to change by the minute. Do your best to honor what the body needs and to strengthen the communication between yourself and your form. Don’t hesitate to consult a medical professional if you are concerned about your body and overall health. It can be helpful to hear that nothing is medically wrong and if there is something wrong you can choose how to proceed. Knowledge is power and obtaining it does not mean you have to follow whatever recommendations are prescribed.

Another practitioner and I were commenting on how much body work we are needing right now. This could be energy work, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, cranial-sacral or whatever works for you. We are really getting out of whack in the higher energies.

This is a huge time for many of us. Some are working on downloading and assimilating their original Divine Blueprint, some are connecting to their highest aspect and opening lines of communication (neural pathways in the brain) and others are beginning to poke their head out of the veil of forgetfulness.

Each level demands our attention in a world where distractions are all around.  Take a moment and notice what or who pulls your attention. For me, I notice that the things that distract me also tend to reduce the amount of peace and joy I am feeling at any given moment.

One thing that I have noticed with some is that they are making sure their schedule is very tight. If this is you, ask yourself: Why am I not allowing myself to just be? What thoughts arise when I give myself a moment of silence? 

On the other end of the spectrum are the ones that have gotten so comfortable in their own silence and with their own company that they have built quite a fortress around them to keep the world out. Understand that it is “out there” where we are triggered and are shown what still needs healing. We are all Buddha when we are alone, but that doesn’t help us grow. So if you have been feeling the nudge to get back out there, join a group or even start something new, this is your loving push.

Out there in society is where we get triggered and are shown what still needs healing. We are all Buddha when we are alone, but that doesn't help us grow. Click To Tweet


Going with the flow of the Universe

What causes us the most problem is our resistance. We often have preconceived notions of how we think things should be and this may not match what is. Allow yourself to feel the grief of this and then let it go. Things are much smoother when we go with the flow. My husband hit this home for me when he told someone recently how he learned a major life lesson by watching me… flounder (to put it lightly).

We were kayaking on a fast-moving river. Nothing too crazy, just Class 1 or 2 rapids, but I had never done it before. He said that he watched me choose which side of the river I wanted to be on and it was generally the side of the river that didn’t have the massive boulders. He watched me paddle and paddle to stay in the line that I deemed safe, though the river had other ideas. I would inevitably find myself up against the rocks I wanted to avoid, flipping my kayak and myself into the cold river. With very colorful words streaming from my mouth, I would struggle to get the kayak into a safe line again and exert so much energy to stay in that area only to have the process repeat itself.

Finally, he was able to get his kayak to the shore and pull me out as well. He told me that I was killing myself trying to control the river. That I needed to let the river choose my path. I looked at him like he was insane and said – “There are huge rocks and the river aims me right for them!” (You can imagine my look as I am wet, tired, cold, and more than a little pissed.) He said “There are always rocks. Allow yourself to go with the flow. Rest and let the river take you, and when you see a rock coming react at the last minute to keep yourself in the boat.”

As he was telling his friend this story and laughing at how mad I was, he explained that he now approaches life that way. He goes with the flow, allowing it to take him wherever and only reacts when he has too. He told his friend that life has gone much smoother, less stressful and a lot more fun since he stopped trying to control things.

The River is no different than the flow of the Universe: How many times in life have I tried to avoid something, wasted all my energy, just to have none left when I needed it? How many times have I stood still in a raging river and then wondered why I felt so battered? How many times have I tried to play it safe when all around me is screaming – JUST LET GO!

There will always be rocks and we can either learn to navigate around them with ease and grace or we can do it kicking and screaming.

I hope this message finds you well and allowing yourself to go with the flow. The pace of the river is picking up and we need all of our energy when the time comes to ease past a rock without getting capsized.

Sending you all lots of love. Take care of you! <3

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