We come to you with exciting news! A wave of huge proportions is building and will reach your planet within the next few days. Your planet is being swept clear of all negativity that is ready to be released. How much this is, depends on the person. Each person is feeling themselves being challenged in many ways so that they may make great changes in their life even if the outward appearance is small. We understand that for those of you who feel caught in a circle of thoughts, emotions, life circumstances, this will seem not to be the case. We assure you however, that all that you are experiencing in these moments is designed to prepare you for what is coming. Many of you who are sensitive can feel that building of an incredible event, a beautiful moment in time. Even those who are not aware of the extraordinary events unfolding feel that something is changing as well. For some they have no way to define what they are feeling and go into fear. Let us be clear, there is nothing to fear.

This wave is designed to propel you forward and help accelerate your growth. Again, how far you are propelled depends largely on your ability to let go and trust in this process. Many of you are lost in circles of thought in your mind. This projects itself as fear, doubt, lack, and a deep insecurity of this process. We ask you to please, sit quietly, ask your heart to open, and feel your truth. Understand that your truth is not the same as another’s and you must seek out your own inner guidance. Accepting another’s thoughts, opinions, and dogma at this time will keep you from doing the inner work required to clear the density within you. One can receive assistance from another to help navigate the journey into self, but no one can do the work for another. Just as one can give assistance at this time to another as long as they are offering support and not doctrine. No two souls journeys are the same as each is learning a very specialized lesson created for the absolute highest growth of the soul.

How far one is pushed by this wave will be largely determined by how much has been released within the form, how much one trusts the process and all that is happening. Those that believe to their core that all has a purpose, even the painful lessons will go much further than those that feel things are happening to them.  We understand how hard it can be to trust this process, to trust your inner guidance when you are surrounded by distractions. These distractions are in your media, but also in your beliefs and mindset. We ask you to look at your beliefs, do they encompass love or do they show where you feel lack or concern that there is not enough for all.  Do your beliefs include the thought that those not on this path are not as beneficial to your growth as those awakened? In fact, it is those souls who often help you the most by showing you what is unresolved within yourself. When you approach each person as a beautiful gift, you will move through your lessons quickly. Once a lesson is learned in its complete form, you no longer will need to experience it again. What many experience frustration with is the belief that seeing the lesson and growing from it automatically means that the lesson is complete. What one must realize is that lessons have many facets and dynamics that must be explored before the lesson is learned in its entirety. Seeing each person and situation as an opportunity to grown and explore those facets will speed up your process. If you are able to hold this mindset, how then could you believe that things are happening to you instead of for your own growth? Each of you are creators, each creating from your own mindset. If you are creating a sense of victimhood, a sense of lack or distrust in the universe, this is what will be shown to you so that you can consciously choose different. You may see similar traits in those around you and you will be given the opportunity to either judge or to see how you may behave the same. In some cases you will be able to look at another and realize that at one time you reacted or behaved similarly, but through your growth and introspection you have changed. What beautiful confirmation. When you recognize your growth how can you possibly judge another for going though a similar process?

Your intention is very important at this time. Write down your goals and what needs to change within yourself to obtain them. Then work daily at changing your mindset, focusing on the simple fact that you will grow and work through all that is hindering you. Think on someone injured, learning to walk again. They must keep in their mind the overall goal of walking again. If they allow themselves to become lost in the feelings of pain, of how long the process takes and the set backs that occur in healing they may get discouraged and that despair will hold them back. We want you to see yourself as completely whole, healed and know that you are simply returning to that space. It is not that you are lost and forging your way though unknown territory, you simply are remembering by releasing all that you have become burdened with on your journey.

Allow this wave to carry you as far as it may. While this wave entering earth is momentous, know that it is not the last and no one will be left behind. Each of you grow and change at a pace that is best for you and the growth of your soul.

With deep admiration,


Personal Conversation with Sanat:

Me:  I have been working on lack in my life and came to the most amazing conclusion. Lack permeates everything. I tend to think of it as financial but it’s not. For me it encompasses the worry of my finances, but also doubt, worry for my children and husband (that something will happen to them), simply trust of the universe and the process and even my issues with loving myself simply for being me. I thought I had healed my issues with lack, but now I see it as so much deeper, so pervasive, that lack just isn’t strong enough of a word.

Sanat: Yes, lack in your culture is a very limited word due to the beliefs in your culture. Mistrust is a better word. Mistrust for the life you are helping to create. How can you feel worry, fear, doubt when you understand completely and trust that it is your soul source that is creating your life? How can your soul source have anything but the highest intentions? It is an understatement to say that your soul source, your highest self, has a vested interest in all that occurs. What you are being shown is that you mistrust at your core, the part of you where you agreed to feel disconnected from your soul source. This part must be brought back into resonance.

Me: So having the intent to bring my core back into resonance, to reconnect will help?

Sanat: You were never truly disconnected, you only believed you were. Change that belief. Set the intention to remember and to move beyond those beliefs.

Me: So in the past week, two of our three vehicles had problem and are in the shop, we got an unexpected bill, and my husbands phone is going nuts…  Did this happen because I was feeling lack?

Sanat: No, these events were designed to help bring forth the feelings you were holding so that you could explore them fully, finding the root. They were your gift.

Me: I will be honest and say that I was disappointed that these feelings came back around

Sanat: When they were healed the first time, you viewed them as financial lack, doubt and worry. Now you see them as one thing, simple mistrust. Not many aspects needing healed but one that has lead to many feelings and beliefs. By simply allowing and trusting in all that is occurring, you will then let go of all the thoughts and definitions you created to describe this experience.

Me: Do you think I will be able to move past this?

Sanat: You already have, now you must simply believe that it is done. The hardest things to heal are the ones that you are unable to define the true cause. Once the true cause has been determined, the healing begins immediately.

Me:  Thank you. (Crying)

Sanat: It is you who have chosen to do this work, it is I who thank you. It takes courage to examine yourself so deeply and by doing so you give others the permission to do the same.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed. <3



**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

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