Join me for an Equinox Meditation and Ceremony!

I have been deeply feeling the pull of the Pacific Ocean and the Equinox energies. I decided that I would fly to Santa Monica, California and hold an Equinox Meditation and Water Blessing. I would love for you to join me either in person or through the ethers.

We will be working with the Equinox energies, the Pacific Ring of Fire and nature spirits. The earth is in great transition and the more we connect in with her, feel her, understand her, the more it eases our transition and hers. We will also participate in a water blessing for the waters of the Pacific.

When we tap into the earth and Nature Spirits, particularly in groups, we open up the Divine Blue Print within ourselves that holds incredible healing. To intensify this interaction an energy exchange is important. We will be making an offering of love and blessings to the earth in the form of a water blessing but it was also requested that we make a physical offering. Such as picking up trash on the beach, committing to change something in our lives, or maybe even becoming one who connects in with the nature spirits, partnering with them in assisting the earth. This is the frequency of the higher realms – an honest open give and take of energies.


There are two ways to join me:

In person – If you would like to be part of the ceremony in the physical realm or ethers please join the FB event at this link:

All updates to the event will be made through the event page, so it is essential that you join the event on Facebook.

We will meet on the Santa Monica Beach, the Lot number will be forthcoming (keep an eye on the event page) so that you will know the exact location.

2:30 pm – Meet on the beach (feel free to come earlier)

2:45 pm – We begin the Equinox meditation and water ceremony

3:30 ish pm – Conclusion of Ceremony

What to bring:

  • A mat or towel to sit on
  • Please bring either cut flowers or a crystal for the water ceremony. If you are someone that is able to tap into a crystal once it has been placed, I recommend bringing a crystal.
  • A desire to connect in and assist the earth
  • An offering for assistance for the earth (ie – a bag to pick up trash at the beach or a plan to change something in your life so that you are more conscientious of the earth and her needs)


Through the ethers:

You do not have to be present on the beach to participate. A field will be created so that anyone, anywhere will be able to tap into the energy of the ceremony.

The first post on the event page on Facebook will have space where you can state your desire to assist and connect. To find that post, please go here:

Please also take part in the energy exchange by committing to assist the earth through things such as picking up trash on a walk, deciding to change something in your lives to become more conscientious of all around, or maybe even becoming one who connects in with the nature spirits, partnering with them in assisting the earth.

I look forward to co-creating with you! The March energies and the Equinox energies coming in are very powerful!

Jenny Schiltz

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Jenny Schiltz -

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