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Preparation for your Upcoming Kambo Session

**Please wear light-colored, easy-movement clothes and have another change of clothes on hand**

A week to 3 days before your ceremony, please restrict the following things:






Red Meat


Fried foods

Processed foods


Sex (including masturbation)

All supplements

Prescription meds (a 3-day fast is enough. If there is a particular one that you are concerned about, please reach out to me, and we can discuss it)

Many call the week before Kambo, hell, because the vices we have to get through our day are stripped away.

Pay attention to how you feel. What thoughts come up? How does your body respond to the restriction? What behaviors do you witness arising? Do your best to say in observation mode without judgment. This will give you valuable insight into yourself, how you sabotage yourself, and the thoughts and negative voice that can swirl. 

Pay attention to resistance that may arise to going forward with this healing. The mind is tricky, and we are powerful creators. Often people will experience roadblocks such as finances or family obligations pop up. I find it is Spirit testing to see how much you want this help. 

Work on your intention for this healing. What do you want assistance with? When did the issue begin?

The day before your ceremony:


Hydrate your cells fully. If you find that you just urinate it all out, add a very tiny pinch of salt to your water.

Eat a light dinner and stop eating after 7 pm.


Day of your ceremony:

Do not eat. If your blood sugar feels low, you can drink 4 oz of fruit juice. 

Drink 2 liters of water 1 hour prior to your ceremony. 

*If the ceremony is at your location, please have fresh fruit chopped and ready for you to eat after your session. 


After your ceremony:

Take a shower, this helps us to ground after a ceremony.

It is recommended that you continue to eat light for at least that day, but preferably for a few days after your ceremony. 

Limit your exposure to electronics and drama at least for that day. You will be feeling open and sometimes raw, so give yourself plenty of time to just be. 

Great integration methods are:

  • Giving yourself time and space to just be
  • Listening to healing frequency music
  • Showing yourself incredible compassion and understanding
  • Journaling
  • Talking to a friend about what you experienced
  • Allowing yourself to cry
  • Pampering yourself
  • Get out in Nature! 
  • Sitting in the sun, connecting with a tree


Many feel amazing after their ceremony and find that they wake very early the next day READY TO GO! You may also receive lots of ideas and inspirations. Write them down or make a video of yourself sharing the ideas for you to watch later. 


I look forward to serving you this powerful, beautiful medicine.


Jenny Schiltz - Kambo Effects on Health

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected]

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