I wanted to take a moment and address what is happening in our world at large. Many of us have been feeling sadness, anxiety, and frustration. To me the energy feels like grief. This energy is from the collective however it has to find a vibrational match within us for it to affect us so deeply.

I spent some time this morning in meditation as my heart is heavy at times and I needed guidance. I spoke with my team and they explained that all of this taking place is an opportunity for us to practice staying in a higher vibration amidst all the chaos swirling around. Can we have compassion for all around us, even those that seem to have no compassion for others? Can we see that all that is happening is in all our highest good and agreed upon by our souls at the highest level? Can we allow others to have their beliefs without feeling that ours are best or right? Can we see that each person’s truth is correct even if it does not match our truth? Can we honor that each of us creates our own hologram and the experience the soul wants? It is about allowing each person to be exactly where they are in their growth, their path. It is about remembering the times that we have judged another, when we were wrapped in fear and lack of trust in the universe and realizing… just how far we have come.

When I open my heart and connect with source, I feel at peace and see the absolute beauty in this world and this path. I see how all that is happening is a gift. That all the emotions that are coming up in me are there to show me where I still need work allowing and maintaining my grace in the face of all.  With this I realize that I have a choice, I can stay in my heart space and feel the wonderfulness all around me or I can get lost in the emotions of this heavy world. My choice. It is through this choice that I change myself and through me, my world. My choice.

I went to pick my 7 year old up from school and as I was sitting on the bench waiting the bell rang and I watched all these little faces stream out. They were joyous, happy, and just excited to experience that moment.  These children were not fearing about possible events or coming undone at the lack of compassion for others that some have. They simply were in the NOW, joyous and alive.

As I let myself smile back at those beautiful babies, I heard clearly “Remember the doorway to your soul is the happy inner child.” What a beautiful reminder that it is MY choice… I can see all that is wrong or I can see all that is right in this world.  That what I give my attention to I will be shown more of.

To all you bright, incredible souls out there, I am sending lots of love. We are learning to be masters walking on earth, living each moment from a high vibration, creating and changing all as we go. May you all be blessed.

I also want to thank all those that have shared this site, it is very appreciated.


**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


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