Wanted to drop a quick note on the incoming energy wave. It is huge. I was shown this wave as I gazed on the Atlantic ocean as we hiked around Merlin’s cave in Tintagel, UK in mid-June. The wave on the Solstice was a precursor to this. Also on the Solstice, I noticed a beautiful pink mist coming in. This mist opens the heart and soothes the soul.

For the wave coming in, I was told that it is designed for us to break through our personal illusions. To see where we have held onto fear and limitations. The amount we are able to “see” and move through will depend on how much we can handle. It’s like we get taken to the furthest edge we can handle physically and emotionally.

We know the drill… listen to whatever the body needs. Ground, hydrate, rest, move, get in nature, salt baths and the foods your body needs. (As I type this, pineapple popped into my vision lol.)

We are also in the Eclipse season. The first one is July 2nd, a total Solar Eclipse. This is designed to expose the shadow hidden under the light. While we may see the shadow in others “out there”, it is just a distraction. The real work is to see our own shadow, to love it and integrate it without shame or blame.

The shadow doesn’t only hold the parts we don’t like about ourselves. It also holds our wild, untamed nature… Our freedom. It holds who we are without all the limiting beliefs and expectations.

The more we see the truth through the veils, clear our perceived limitations and shadow the more we can anchor in the higher light codes that we are being blessed with.

They have shown me that there is not just one Wave, but continual ones. Our job is to not get lost in the mental games they are designed to expose. If you allow the mind to take over, the fears and anxiety to churn it can be like getting caught in the whitewash at the beach. Once you can barely stand up from one wave, another comes crashing in and you get sand in places sand should never be.

If you find yourself in the whitewash, do your best not to feed the thoughts that are swirling and take a step back to observe. Then make the conscious choice to NOT REACT, SURRENDER & FLOAT. Allow your heart to take over and lead you to the Divine within yourself.

When the mind is in control, It can be like looking at a closed door –  the mind says we can’t go in. The heart says – go through the keyhole or under the door.

Listen to the heart. Trust it. Even if it defies all logic. Trust your connection to the Divine that can only operate through the heart.

I hope this note finds you floating on the waves, taking in the pink mist and exploring all that you are. <3

Jenny Schiltz

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