Holy Cow this is the most intense Lion’s Gate that I have experienced to date! I am writing a brief note before I go and be still. For many of us, this process will continue until we are out of the eclipse corridor, which will be a few days after the August 11th Solar Eclipse.

I asked my team to explain what is happening and was told that these energies are helping the soul to anchor even more in the body. As this happens all that is not compatible will come up to be resolved. This is why many are feeling such deep fears and almost a hopelessness. Hang in there and listen to your fears and love them. Remember you can acknowledge a fear without buying into the reality that fear will create.

Physically this process is brutal right now and many are shocked at the intensity.

Here is what I am seeing as the physical ramifications of the intense energies:

– Itching and burning of the skin in various spots at various times. My fingers have been hit hard.
– Swelling of face, feet, and hands
– Intense heat in body parts like the lungs, liver, stomach, uterus.
– Digestion issues – I feel like food is not digesting well but at the same time, I am hungry.
– Large amounts of stomach acid
– Urine smelling terrible – mine smells like chemicals burning. It is quite disturbing and I am grateful that the toxins associated with that are leaving.
– Nausea and diarrhea
– Feeling fried or extremely stressed as our energy system is overhauled.
– Exhaustion
– Body aches – feels like a sort of flu body ache
– Headaches – the position can vary, for me, it is in the temples.
– Sinus pressure that even extends to the sinuses in the back of the head
– Problems focusing your eyes

** You may notice some of these symptoms in your pets and children as well. If your children are cranky, try putting them in an Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil to calm their nervous systems. Also allowing them time sitting on the bare ground can do wonders.

I called my sister who is a Physicians Assistant in a busy ER and asked her if she had seen patients with complaints of burning, itchy skin and intense headaches and she confirmed that quite a few have been coming in. There is nothing she is finding medically wrong except dehydration.

Make sure that you are getting plenty of fluids. Add a pinch of Celtic or Himalayan salt if you feel you are drinking plenty but yet are still thirsty. Take Cell salts and trace minerals to help ease your body through this process. Tap into the body and listen to what it needs and then honor it.

Most importantly… get in Nature. Yesterday late afternoon I was out of sorts and my stomach had been hurting. We went for a walk in nature and within 10 minutes of being under the trees, my energy system calmed down. I had resisted going as I was so exhausted and wanted to rest. I am grateful to my husband who dragged me out as I don’t think a nap would have made me feel as good as being grounded in the natural world did.

Take care of yourselves and know that even those completely unaware of this process are still feeling it to some degree. It is the time to have great patience with ourselves and others. Sending you lots of love.

Jenny Schiltz


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See what people are saying:

What a beautiful webinar and healing meditation.I was busy writing all the info thru the first part…lots of great info and help for the intense energies.

I was taken out for a while thru the inner earth connection and as I came round my right brain feels like its being opened up. Then going galactic my whole body was tingling. I loved the music and can’t wait to listen again…and again.

Thank you soooo much

Love and hugs

Sian xxxx


Thank you, Jenny. I enjoyed the webinar. The information before the meditation was spot on with my experiences over last 3 weeks, in a number of ways. Your offerings to help relate to & process these awareness’s were quite helpful. I enjoyed the meditation. I look forward to playing with it again. I appreciate your grounded energy & relatable expression. Thank you & many blessings to you!



I just wanted to say thank you so much for the incredible meditation you put out on Saturday.  I was unable to attend the live session, but have listened to the recording three nights in a row.  I can’t believe how GROUNDED I feel.  For the first time in so, so long.  I just feel so centered and relaxed.  I cannot thank you enough.

I’ll be replaying this one nightly for weeks to come, I am positive. You are doing incredible work, and I am so very grateful to you.  Thank you.

Have a beautiful day!



I listened to this last night, and fell asleep during the meditation, and awoke right at the end with this amazing feeling and pink energy all around me! Then I had dreams of finding all these crystals! So cool! I re-listened to the beginning of the call today and so many wonderful insights, and I look forward to doing the meditation again later in the week! I really appreciate that you separated it out, and the music and background is oh so beautiful! I know how much work can go into creating these things, so thank you thank you! I truly love all that you do and create!!

Sending you so much love and blessings!

Sara 💖
P. P. S.:  My website has a ton of free blogs and hours of videos available for you to browse and enjoy!


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Jenny Schiltz -

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