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This Lion’s Gate promises to be very potent. If the recent Solstice and 7-7-7 gateway were any indication, we are going to be blessed with very powerful energies and activations.

Recently, I visited the Sarasota Atlantean temple in a dream. I have gone there a few times since I connected with it last Lion’s Gate. As I entered in, I was met by the council that presides over the Temple and was shown how through the eons, many of our Sacred Symbols have been diluted, inverted, or bastardized. Many of these symbols are within our forms from this and other lifetimes. These symbols correlate to modalities we have learned, initiations and titles we have held in our long soul journey. Some of us even have symbols that are not beneficial to our growth as creator beings.

Some of these symbols are even from our Starseed Lineage. 

Think of each symbol as a computer program. Sometimes, a “trojan horse” virus was loaded into the symbol. When one accesses the original coding that contains abilities, wisdom & knowledge, the virus is then launched.

I asked for an example of the “virus” and was told that one may begin to walk in their innate abilities only to find themselves crushed by insecurity. In some cases, the virus renders the symbols to be ineffectual or greatly diminished in power, which then can result in crippling doubt of one’s effectiveness. 

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The council shared that this Lion’s Gate, there is the opportunity to have the original intent and purpose for the symbols properly downloaded. For many of us, this requires purging the original symbols that were corrupted with improper coding and downloading of the proper coding. For some it will require the deleting of symbols or righting of the inversion. 

Due to the intensity of this, permission must be given on the human level. This can be an intense purging of everything we have known and understood on our healing journey. The Council asked that I assist with the transition as it is a conscious shift on the molecular level.  Each of us that shifts into the true programming of the symbols shifts the whole collective. The Council shared that they are looking forward to working with the “initiates,” helping to clear the tainted programming and activate the deep wisdom & knowing inherent within each symbol held in the deep layers of the body.

It has been 3 weeks since the dream and the process of changing, correcting, or deleting the symbols in my form began. I have had some body pain, especially in the spine & hips. This comes and goes but is note worthy. Initially I found that I felt lost, confused, cast a drift, now I am feeling a security within myself that I have never experienced prior. My energy is clear, concise and I feel such excitement! All of this could be because of the Ascension Energies coming in, but I feel that the intensity of it was due to the shifting of all I have known and understood. 

I will be in Sarasota working with the Stargate and Atlantean temple. I am offering a healing that will be completed on August 8th. Those that register are giving permission to be assisted with this process with as much ease and grace as possible. You will be placed in the Atlantean Healing Temple immediately upon registration. This healing is layered and the more time we can give Spirit, the better. 

To assist further, I am offering additional healing on 8/17 to help with the integration of the Lion’s Gate energies and the downloading of the original symbols. 

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When you sign up, the healing will be completed on 8/8, you will receive an email on what I saw and received, and the energy that was sent by the end of the day (MST) on August 10th.  

If you sign up for the Lion’s Gate integration on 8/17, you will receive a brief email detailing the healing by the end of the day (MST) on August 19th. 

*If you signed up for the Gateway to Gateway bundle, you are already included in the Lion’s Gate healing, if you would like to be added to the Lion’s Gate Integration on 8/17, please click here: Lion’s Gate Integration for Gateway to Gateway Members

Register to Receive Healing for the Lion’s Gate:

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The Lion’s Gate portal opens as Sirius, the dog star,  moves away from the Sun; as it does, it becomes the brightest star in the sky and is considered our Spiritual Sun.

This time of year is full of rebirth and renewal energy. Sirius is known as a home to higher vibrational beings that carry deep wisdom & knowledge.  There is also a deep connection with the energy of Isis, the Divine Mother Goddess energy. It is a potent time of manifestation and deep creation energies. 

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 During the Lion’s Gate, Sirius lines up perfectly with the 3 stars of Orion’s Belt, known as the 3 sisters. During this alignment, the stars align with the Pyramids in Giza.  

Spirit has shown me that during this time, many of the crystal pyramids hidden and underwater will be activated as well. They have shown in my dreams these potent energy centers around the world opening and sending and receiving transmissions. 

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Feel into the energies of Sarasota, Florida

One of the first things you notice about this area is the sand. The beaches are 99% quartz and are always cool, no matter how warm the air is.

Many people experience deep peace and clarity when lying on the sand. 

It is rumored that the sand was from the giant quartz crystals that powered Atlantis, created powerful healing fields, and facilitated contact with off-earth beings. When Atlantis exploded, it is said that the crystals became so pulverized that they created the quartz sand. 

Some say that the area of Ibiza, Spain has similar quartz beaches and energy. This is fascinating as Spain was not near Florida according to the Pangea Maps, which we are told are correct. I think there is much more to the story. 

There is a 2D Stargate in this area (Atlantis) that I am told connects to the 2D Stargate on Easter Island (Lemurian).   

The lower dimensional levels of the Sarasota Stargate have been closed and guarded as it was used to allow negative beings that would like to control the planetary ascension.  The lower dimensional levels are still closed, but the higher levels are now open and transmitting energy that activates the next phases.  

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