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Jenny Schiltz - Jan 08Hello, I am Jan Goodwin LaPoint, Founder of  My Vital Best,  and the products I have created are a culmination of my life’s passion about natural remedies for health and wellbeing through an understanding of, and respect for, the plant kingdom of our world.

I am dedicated to sharing a greater understanding of Nature’s most extraordinary gifts of aromatic Essential Oils, and to bring to everyone the most naturally powerful products to assist you in your quest for optimal health and well-being.

As a lifelong proponent of natural health and healing, I believe that God put everything on this Earth that we need for our health.  As a proud mother of 4 and doting grandmother of 8, I walk my talk and enjoy a vibrant, naturally healthy life.  Having studied and worked for many years in health and fitness, both as a certified personal fitness trainer and a certified holistic health coach, there is instilled in me a belief that the responsibility for health lies with the individual, and that a lifestyle of actively protecting one’s health by natural means can be a way of preventing disease and enjoying great quality of life at any age.

My Vital Best  offers  you Nature at Her very best, and I am grateful for the inspirations I have received to create these products.   I have every hope that they will provide your life with comfort, healing and harmony.


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