Going through Journals and I found where I had written this incredible experience and I want to share it with you. It was exactly what I needed then and I know that some of you need it now.

I had been really working on my self-talk and just the lack of self-love that had permeated my entire life. I went deep into meditation with the intent of getting a greater understanding and I was not denied.

I found myself laying in a pool in an ancient temple, floating beautifully on the water when I noticed that I was being held. I opened my eyes to Mother Mary who smiled beautifully meeting my gaze. I felt such love radiating from her.

I asked her “When will I be enough?”

She answered, “When you decide you are enough.” She paused and then said, “Am I not enough?”

I said, “Yes, of course, you are!” a little shocked by the question.

She replied with a smile “Yet you are me and I am you. How then can you not be enough?” She pointed to the pool we were in Is this pool enough?”

Yes. I answered.

Are you not also this pool?

Yes, I am in an energetic oneness sense. I replied

She gazed deeply into my eyes and said “That is the only truth. Start seeing everything and everyone as enough. Even if all a person can do is simply breathe, they are enough. When you see that it all is enough, you will understand that you are too.

You are enough. You have always been enough. It is you who have been unable to see it.”

I hope that this message finds you knowing that you are enough, even if all you can do today is breathe through the energy waves. Just know that you too are held and so deeply loved. Sending you all so much love.

Jenny Schiltz

P.S. Deep gratitude for all who share this work. <3


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