Recently, I was working on clearing and healing the aura’s of pets signed up for the aura cleanse, when  a grouping of horses stepped forward, these were not horses that were in the Aura cleanse. Rather it was a representation of the horse collective. They had a message to share:

“There is great instability in the field. Man has caged and harnessed horses rather than letting them run free, this has impacted the horse’s work on assisting with the quantum fields and ley lines.

(I’m reminded of the elephants. They are in charge of keeping ley lines clear through their long journeys and deep rumbles. Now, however, they are relegated to preserves, which has hindered their work set forth eons ago)

With the advent of cars, horses have become a luxury, a passion, or simply an unseen beast of burden, but their original work was rarely understood. Today, many horses are used in assisting humans with recalibrating their individual fields in activities such as therapeutic riding. While this is beneficial it is a fraction of the work that was once done.

In this time of great change the morphic fields are unstable and much energy is being given to fields that hinder and restrict the expansiveness that humans are attaining now. (It looked like fields of energy overlaying and locking into each other to create a wall, a box, or a cage)

We are placing a call to the humans asking them to assist in our work, to maintain not only their personal areas but more if they are able.”

I asked how to do this:

“Visualize a container around your home, your work, even your town. Go into the ground and up into the heavens.

Look into the container, what is there? If there is Fear, anger, division, lack, restriction, and worry if so, remove it from the container. Call on the East wind to blow it away.

Once that is complete, call on the West wind to bring in hope, clarity, strength, and perseverance. Most importantly call in the heart-centered love and righteousness.

This will have to be repeated. The bigger the container, the more often it will need to be redone. For within your container may be many that are allowing the fields of division, anger, fear, and restriction into their personal field which then greatly impacts the collective.”

I asked if it were hopeless because people would continually bring in the damaging fields by buying into and absorbing all that is being pushed on us.

“All you can do is offer a choice. When one is stuck in fear and negativity, offering a choice of different energy may help them see-through.”

With that, the herd turned away and disappeared into the ethers

If you are able to assist with this task, please do. Start with your home, then when you feel comfortable extend it to your neighborhood, your town, even your city. This is not meant to be exhausting, so if it becomes draining, back off on the scope in which you are maintaining.

The East wind that you call to blow away the negative morphic fields is said to hold powerful, ancient forces and dragon energy. The West Wind that is called to bring in the positive morphic fields is all about new beginnings, and spring energy of growth and abundance.

If you can, add this to your daily routine. Even 5 minutes a day will do wonders, especially if more and more participate. The purpose is to offer a choice of energy. Expansive and hopeful versus restrictive and fearful.

We must also choose what energy we hold within our personal fields as well. Let your heart guide you. Let it tell you what is most aligned to your natural state of being.


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