I wanted to share with you an experience I had recently because I think the information I received is very important for us to understand

I had been feeling the call to go back to a place in Colorado called Kebler pass.  I had been there the year before and fell in love with the place. The energy was wonderful and healing. The pass has some of the largest Aspen trees that I’ve ever seen.  I told my husband that I needed to go and we planned a weekend getaway. 

I was so excited on the drive there to see the wildflowers, the trees, and to really be in those energies again. I knew I had work to do with the grids and ley lines. I was running on straight intuition and just the feel as many of us do.

Jenny Schiltz - img 20190727 1222182550075386663075953At the beginning of the pass, I had my husband pull over because I noticed a Rock Ridge I didn’t remember seeing before. It looks to me like the Dragon’s Back and I know it was symbolic for the sleeping dragon.  it was so apparent to me that I was a little shocked I hadn’t noticed it before. The picture doesn’t do it justice as it was magnificent.

As we went further into the pass, I was shocked at the number of trees that were dead. I couldn’t really understand how things could change so much in one year. The energy of the entire place had changed.

I knew I needed to find a good place to work with the earth so we drove around trying to find that perfect spot. Thankfully my husband is very patient because I would get out of the car and something would happen to let me know that it was all wrong. At one spot cars were whizzing by when prior we hadn’t seen any. At another, there were giant anthills and I knew I was going to get bit if I tried to work there. At other spots I would get really weird body pain, one time it was a pain in my left hip, another time it was a pain in my jaw. As soon as I made the decision not to work there the pain would leave. I was getting quite frustrated and told my husband to turn around because I had felt better at the beginning of the pass and increasingly worse the further we went into the forest. 

Jenny Schiltz - img 20190727 1332446617334623820500675We drove up to a spot that looked great and I got out and attempted again to do the energy work. My husband decided he didn’t want to get out of the car because he figured I’d be right back. I went on the trail for about 20 feet when in front of me I saw a tree where somebody had carved the name Jen.  I had to laugh even though I really hate to see a tree carved, I appreciated Spirits way of letting me know I was in the right spot. 

I worked with the land and the Ley lines and felt what I had felt the year before which was incredibly healing and peaceful.  I was still confused however about what I had experienced in the rest of the pass; the dead trees and the discordant energies.

We left the past when I was done and headed to our hotel, which had trails and a river nearby. We walked down to the river and I sat down next to a tree while my husband and daughter explored.

I then heard “ Why is your heart so heavy?”  and I knew it was the tree I was sitting against talking to me.  I told her about the number of dead trees and how it hurts for me to see that.

She explained that trees, like humans and animals, may choose to leave this reality as the frequencies on the earth get higher and higher.  That it is a choice based on what one is wanting to experience. We often look at this embodiment Ascension process as being only humans and the planet, yet it is everything. The animals and plants have a choice too. 

She went on to say that the Earth changes are here and more will be coming and that they must be allowed without judgment, without fear. For they are necessary.

I talked to her about my concerns about the health of the planet. She went on to say that if each person would clean up their own Inner pollution, then the Earth would be healed.

She explained that the work we must do is internal, yet it is often pushed outward.  That many become involved in helpful causes but that this too can be a distraction from the inner work that needs to be done.  The person thinks that they are saving the planet or a species, yet all if this is negated if the inner work is not done. 

Jenny Schiltz - img 20190727 1736188343209079857785774

She said that the true work is to love one another, to stop the fighting and the separation. She explained that our pets and nature have helped us to crack our hearts centers open, but they can only do so much. It is now up to the human to help completely crack each other’s heart centers open and it can only be done by loving one another.  That, when we heal the fracture among humans, will also heal the fracture that has been created in the environment.

This is a very important message that often gets lost in all the noise of our reality. 

I asked about the significance of the sleeping dragon that I saw on the Mountain Ridge. She told me that the dragon wanted the freedom to be a dragon.  To awaken fully to all that is. that dragons are symbols of transformation, activations, and radical change. (As she was talking I had an image of things being burned down, allowing the complete destruction of what no longer serves) 

She said to allow the dragon to do its work, to change the world and our lives without judgment for how it looks.  She then asked if humanity had the courage to set the Dragon free within themselves. Can we burn down all that is not working and let the fires of transformation set us free all while loving one another?

I gave her such deep gratitude for the message and taking the time to talk to me.

I know that each of you will receive from this message what is needed right now. We are in an important part of the journey where we must unite and love one another completely (not just the ones like us). This is a daunting task as the polarity and trauma play out on the world screen, which is exactly why it’s more important than ever.

Sending you all lots of love. Thank you to all who share this work!

Jenny Schiltz

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